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running with a gopro + char siu pork.

Morning! Today we attempted to run in the snow but took a few steps and decided it was too icy. What’s that weird thing strapped to my body?
A GoPro, of course! I’m actually racing with a GoPro camera this weekend for a work-related thing, so I wanted to give it a trial run this morning. But since it was too icy to run outside Anthony and I had to change plans and head to the gym instead.
I wore my GoPro on the treadmill and looked really, really cool doing it. Live footage!

I’m writing this post in lightening-fast time today and have zero seconds to think of a transition phrase to food. So here’s a pork roast.char_siu_pork_DSC0072My mom, sister, and I bought a massive thing of pork shoulder at Costco the other day because that’s what we live for. We split it three ways — about five pounds each! I took half of my meat and threw it in the slow cooker according to this Asian-inspired char siu pork recipe. It was SO good!char_siu_pork_DSC0075On the side I stir-fried some peppers and snow peas with soy sauce, fish sauce, and sesame oil. Plus a sprinkle of sesame seeds for fun. Carb of choice: brown rice.char_siu_pork_DSC0073Dinner served! We loved this meal. Will definitely make it again.char_siu_pork_DSC0084No time for questions today! Just tell me what’s on your mind :)

3 thoughts on “running with a gopro + char siu pork.

  1. That’s a great idea to run with a gopro! You’ll have to tell us how the video comes out. We once strapped my dad’s gopro to Jack and then let him run around the back yard. The video was HILARIOUS and it was so cool to see things from his point of view. :)