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day in the life: wednesday

Hi there! I’m off to South Walton, Florida for a race weekend, but wanted to pop in and share a post before I take flight. Since my last day in the life story was a big hit with you guys, I did another one this week! Here’s a play-by-play of my very exciting Wednesday.

4:45: Anthony’s alarm goes off. He hits snooze.
5:00: Alarm off again! This time for real. Wake up, get out of bed. Make two coffees and toast. Do a few dishes from last night and run the dishwasher.
5:15: Sit down with pre-run fuel and check email before editing photos from dinner last night and drafting the day’s blog post._DSC0036
5:40: Change and get ready to run! Realize that I’m running a bit too late to run to the 6 a.m. East Nasty start time and will have to drive instead.
5:45: Since I have a few extra minutes, I start packing lunches._DSC0040
5:55: Drive to starting point of East Nasty run.
6:05: Group takes off! We do a little over four miles together. Beautiful sunrise despite chilly temps. I run with one other club member at a 7:40-7:50 pace. We’re booking it!0225150619c
6:40: Group finishes. I tack on two more miles solo.0225150654
7:00: Arrive back at home. Finish packing lunches — today we’ve got leftovers (quiche for me, spaghetti & meatballs for Anthony) with salads. Plus lots of fruits and granola bars for snacks.
7:15: I finish packing lunch and move onto dinner — because it’s totally normal to start cooking dinner at 7 a.m., right? We’re making a Cooking Light slow-cooker recipe my mom recommended to me. Slow cooker recipes are my favorite :) . I throw all the ingredients in the pot and then do more dishes (when do the dishes ever stop?!)_DSC0057
7:30: Say bye to Anthony. Hop in the shower. Get dressed for the day.
7:50: Start editing photos from the morning run and continue drafting post. With a cup of hot tea. Brrr!_DSC0041
8:00: House builder man shows up to look through our house. We have our eight-month warranty inspection today. I can’t believe we’ve lived in this house that long…
8:05: Return to the day’s blog post. Hit publish at about 8:10 — 10 minute later than my usual deadline. Ack!
8:10: Hair and makeup so that I’m ready to go. This is me in normal person clothes. Wish I was wearing those PJs and slippers in the background…_DSC0052
8:20: Sign warranty inspection papers, chat with the builder rep for a bit about our house. Then I’m out the door!
8:40: This is when I would usually arrive at my office, but today I have a little off-site work. One of the projects I’m writing for at work needs Nashville photos, so I drive around town and get some good shots. _DSC0056
9:30: Arrive at work, check emails. Eat breakfast! Greek yogurt with some banana and granola.0225150941
3:00: Lunch. I had a massive block of meetings from 11-2:30, so I was starving! I usually eat lunch closer to 1 pm but today was weird.0225151451a
5:00: Snack attack: mango and pineapple.0225151711a
6:05: Leave work. Call my mom on the way home to tell her I’m trying her recommended slow cooker pork recipe. She tells me that they got two inches of snow! It’s starting to flurry a bit in Nashville but nothing major yet (it ended up snowing overnight).
6:30: Arrive home. Start boiling water for rice and chopping up veggies. Set the table, including my magical looks-like-the-sunlight umbrella lights for you fine people. :)_DSC0058
7:00: Anthony arrives home! He takes out the trash and does some other stuff around the house while I finish cooking and unload the dishwasher (moooore dishes)._DSC0060Then he helps me film a little mini video for a blogger brand thing. Anthony is the brains behind many blog operations, btw. What a guy!
_DSC0066Here’s the little video in case you wanna watch me dump vegetables into a pan and then stir them. I even put some funky jazz tunes in there for you (but forgot to give the video a title sorry.)
7:25: Video done. Dinner served! Anthony and I sit down and chat about the day.char_siu_pork_DSC0084
8:00: Mooooooore dishes.
8:20: Ice cream and The Bachelor. This show is the worst but we can’t help ourselves. This time we read Oh Jones while watching the show — hilarious combo.0225152019a
9:45: Bed time!
Wow, I’m exhausted just typing all of that. Going to take a nap on the plane. See you this weekend!
  • What time does your day usually start/end?
  • How do you manage to cook dinner on weeknights?
  • Bachelor nation: Who do you want to be the next bachelorette? (I vote Carly!)

14 thoughts on “day in the life: wednesday

  1. I love day in the life posts. I need to write one.
    My day starts at 5-5:30.
    I cook dinner at least 3 nights a week. I love waking on new recipes!
    Have a great trip!!!

  2. Wow! Lve this Mary! People say I get a lot done in a day with all my training, but I think you have me beat, and you still have time to take beautiful pictures! Nice job :) Thanks for sharing :)

    • Haha Anthony and I were talking about that!! Seriously what is up with those brows. Makes her look like a Lego but I still love her

  3. I love reading day in the life posts! I’m 100% sure I’ve never done that many dishes in one day.
    I usually cook something on Sunday to eat for dinners during the week, and when that runs out, I eat eggs. But I’m only cooking for one, so it’s way easier!

  4. This was a great first post to view when I visited your site this morning! I should really start my own DITL posts. (By the way, those boots are KILLER; where did you get them?!) I’m glad I did stop by though. I need a kick in the pants to get healthier. I mean, I’m 5’1 and a size 4 but I’m so out of shape. There’s no reason I should be out of breath on a walk down the driveway to get the mail. That’s just…. pathetic.

    I look forward to reading more! :)