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leading up to the race {weekend recap}

Greetings! I hope you had a fabulous weekend — I can’t believe mine is about to end! Here’s a quick recap of my Florida adventures thus far.

Actually, let’s rewind to Tennessee real fast. Before I took off, I squeezed in one last Nashville adventure: my friend Tracee’s amazing performance at the RAW artists showcase. She so good!_DSC0090The RAW showcase features a number of different artists (painters, jewelers, musicians, etc.) who all get together to display their work. There is also beer, which Anthony and I decided was our creative medium of the evening._DSC0089And the next morning I was off to South Walton! By the time I made it to my hotel and settled in I was craving some serious lunch. I stopped by Chanticleer Eatery in Grayton Beach. What a cute little cafe!chanticleer_eatery_grayton_beach_south_walton__DSC0108Since I am an indecisive diner, I really appreciate places that let you do half-and-half combos :). Half an epic grilled cheese sandwich, half a roasted veggie salad. Plus a pickle spear. I wish Anthony had been with me because he doesn’t like pickles… so then I would have gotten 2x the pickle. And because it would be nice to have his company, period :)chanticleer_eatery_grayton_beach_south_walton__DSC0104Okay, back to my solo adventures! Later in the evening I attended Emeril Lagasse’s Taste of the Race event. I did see Emeril, but didn’t meet him. I was too busy mingling!taste_of_the_race_seaside_2015__DSC0116Tons of local restaurants were at the event with samples galore.  Lots of fresh seafood!taste_of_the_race_seaside_2015__DSC0127and steak._DSC0136And a performance by Trick Pony! They were a fun band.taste_of_the_race_seaside_2015__DSC0163With the race coming up and all, I made sure to stay hydrated 😉taste_of_the_race_seaside_2015__DSC0145Time out for the most beautiful sunset ever. No filter on this one:_DSC0113The next morning (Saturday) I had a wide-open agenda. And since for once I didn’t have to wake up for an early Saturday long run, I slept waaaaaay in. Then I rented a bike and pedaled over Grayton Beach State Park. I’d heard the sand dunes there were worth seeing!grayton_beach_state_park_DSC0178Note that you can’t really bike on the dunes — you have to walk — but the rest of the park is paved and perfect for biking/running. The short dune trail is narrow and windy, and surrounded by shrubbery…grayton_beach_state_park_DSC0175Until you reach the end, where there’s a giant beautiful opening. You can see a dune lake in front of you and the Gulf behind you. It’s really stunning.grayton_beach_state_park_DSC0173After my little eco-adventure I biked over to Seaside to pick up my bib! I don’t know what is going on with my hair here.0228151324a

and then I spent the rest of the day getting race-ready. And by race-ready I mean eating tacos and giving myself a manicure. This morning I headed to the start line, ready to run!seaside_half_marathon_2015_0301150659aIt was a fun race. Full recap coming tomorrow — including photos of said tacos.

Hopping back on a flight home now! See you later!

  • What are your pre-race rituals?
  • Ever visited the South Walton area?
  • Pickle spears: yay or nay?

2 thoughts on “leading up to the race {weekend recap}

  1. Seaside is always one of my favorite races. I’m bummed I didn’t do it this year.
    We go down to Rosemary or Watercolor a few times a year…always a favorite spot!
    Pickles: nay

  2. So pretty there!! Great pics! I want that grilled cheese. And I’m all about pickle spears and I love when someone doesn’t want theirs :) Can’t wait to hear about the race!