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breakfast with a side of rain

Blah.0304150618That’s basically what the weather is right now — and it’s supposed to be getting worse! Another round of snow and ice is in the forecast and I’m reallllly hoping those weather people are wrong. But just in case the storm does come, I made sure to sneak in one last run while the streets were still open.0304150621Open, but definitely not dry! The East Nasty crew powered through a nice drizzly morning. Anthony and I took it easy (I’m still a bit sore from the race) and finished with the group at about four miles. By the time we finished we were pretty soggy.

Since all of this morning’s photos are so grey and depressing, let’s focus on this glorious photo of: biscuits, gravy, donuts, egg casserole, hashbrown casserole, bacon, and pancakes. _DSC0214Yum!! We hosted our church group for a “breakfast for dinner” gathering last night and it served as a reminder that breakfast is the best meal no matter what time of day. And by breakfast I mostly mean donuts.

And speaking of breakfast, here is some related reading material that I found in my endless free time this morning (it started with the McSweeney’s article and then I got lost on a Google adventure).

To end the most random post ever: fresh flowers._DSC0074Stay bright today!

  • Best breakfast in Nashville?
  • Is it snowing/sleeting where you are right now?
  • Favorite breakfast food?

5 thoughts on “breakfast with a side of rain

  1. Yesterday we got about five inches of snow followed by a layer of sleet. It was pretty weird – if I hit a snow pile just right with my foot, a sheet of ice slid off it. I’m sure I would appreciate how pretty it looks if I weren’t so desperate for it to be warm!

  2. haha I love that someone brought a box of Krispy Kremes!! I’ll keep that in mind for my next breakfast potluck…might be a step up from my usual plates & utensils