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snow run.

We woke up to SNOW!0305150732First question was: Can we run in it?

YES WE CAN. This was the soft, pillowy snow — not the icy kind that made us slip and fall the other week!0305150722cWe were slow but steady. Running in the winter wonderland was actually really fun. Plus I got to wear my ridiculous furry hat which is my favorite accessory in the world.0305150722gI’m lucky that I married someone as crazy as I am. We were pretty much the only humans out in East Nashville this morning :)0305150738What a morning! We’re both working from home today, obviously, so hopefully the outing will help postpone cabin fever.

In other news… we’re running a little low on groceries and I refused to go to the grocery store in the pre-storm madness yesterday. So I rummaged through the pantry to see what we had on hand. Lentils!!slow_cooker_mixed_lentil_stew__DSC0221Our Costco-sized bag of lentils includes a mix of red, green, and black lentils that could probably feed us until 2017. I took two big scoops of these and added in some chopped carrots, celery, onion, diced tomatoes, and garlic. Plus some spices and chicken broth… all of which went into the slow cooker.slow_cooker_mixed_lentil_stew__DSC0229We served the stew atop leftover brown rice from the other night. Plus a dollop of Greek yogurt + sprinkle of parsley.slow_cooker_mixed_lentil_stew__DSC0218Not bad for an unplanned, on-the-spot, no recipe meal! I was this.close to considering adding some cayenne or chile in adobo for a bit of spice, but unsure whether that might throw off the whole concoction. Maybe next time I’ll try adding one of those in! (Wild, I know.)slow_cooker_mixed_lentil_stew__DSC0222Good thing we have plenty of leftovers for today and tomorrow. Something tells me we’re not going to be able to leave the driveway for a while….

  • Nashvillians: Have you ventured out into the snow?!
  • What’s your I-have-no-groceries go-to meal?
  • La Croix Coconut: Think it tastes wonderful, or think it tastes like sunscreen? :)

10 thoughts on “snow run.

  1. Sometimes it is so serene going out for a run when no one else is out. Cant believe it is snowing in Nashville.

    Just confirmed last night that I will be running the Rock N Roll Half in Nashville. Are you?

    • oh, awesome!! i’m not running it this year but really enjoyed it last year. everyone complains that it’s hilly, but i don’t really think it’s so bad. let me know when you’re in town — i’d love to meet up! :) good luck!

      • Bummer thought you would definitely be running it! I ran the marathon 2 years ago – can’t wait for the hills :) Hopefully the weather is better – no rain. I’d love to get together. I get in late late late Thursday night and leave first thing Sunday morning. Let me know your schedule! Might be easier to e-mail: saracrandall33@gmail.com

  2. Way to go with the snow run!! I tried to venture out to my 6am barre class but my car said “no go”! Haha. I did make it to work though! Stay warm!

  3. You rock!!
    I was a wimpy runner and ran at the Y on their indoor track.
    Whenever I make soup, I make extra and freeze it. It’s my go-to when I’m out of everything else.

  4. I admire you for running in that! I definitely tried to go to work this morning – I pulled out of my driveway only to get stuck in the road right in front of my house! My wheels were spinning and I was unable to move forward, but my car let me drive in reverse, so I just backed it right up into my driveway. haha. Of course, afterward, I found out our office is closed.

    • thanks! lentils are actually very unphotogenic so i always make sure to have garnishes on hand 😉

  5. I love running in the snow. It’s so quiet and peaceful. Unfortunately we get so much of it in Michigan that the love has worn off by now. But you’re a better woman than I – I would most likely have run inside if that much snow was unplowed!