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snow day workout, sandwich, and soup

Happy Friday! We’ve still got a lot of frozen snow around here so this morning we had to adjust our schedule. The sidewalks were too icy to run on, and our cars were too frozen to drive. So Anthony and I came up with a little 30-minute at-home workout. All you need is a band and a few household items (like a chair, set of stairs, and carpeted space) to get going.snow day at home workout

Bonus points if you have a full container of laundry soap to use as a weight :)2015-03-06Here are some YouTube videos of some of the movements:

And here is lunch! Since we were snowed in yesterday we took full advantage of having access to our panini press. Why is melty cheese so much better than cold cheese?_DSC0234Chips and fruit on the side._DSC0233Moving right along to dinner… all this cold weather makes me want a bowl of hot soup!chickpea_soup_with_shells_DSC0259Anthony was feeling nostalgic the other day and I was feeling lazy. It was the perfect combination of emotions because he was inspired to make a soup that his Italian grandma used to make for him and I was inspired to sit and watch.

He took charge of the kitchen and this is what we ended up with:chickpea_soup_with_shells_DSC0255The recipe was so simple that I didn’t think the soup could really be that good. But it was surprisingly tasty! I guess those Italians know what they’re doing :)

In the lineup: chickpeas, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, chicken stock — simmered in the slow cooker for hours, and then partially pureed. Add-ins: Olive oil, salt, pepper, parsley, and Parmesan. And big noodles!chickpea_soup_with_shells_DSC0260We shared the meal together the first night that Anthony made it — and then I got to finish off the leftovers while he was out of town for a couple days.
Speaking of out-of-towners, my friend Meredith arrives this afternoon! Let’s hope this snow melts and we can enjoy a sunny weekend. Have a good one!

  • Where are your grandparents from?
  • Where do you find at-home workouts?
  • What are you most looking forward to this weekend!

7 thoughts on “snow day workout, sandwich, and soup

  1. Awesome workout!! My family is from Philly. Have a fun weekend with your friend!! I’m hitting up a couple barre classes and drinking vino (hopefully in that order)!

  2. My grandma grew up in France, and she is so horrified that I’m French-Canadian (my mom is adopted) that she once tried to convince me she had somehow willed me to be “real” French instead. It is supposed to be in the 40s this weekend, so I can’t wait to hopefully run in capris!

  3. creating an at home workout on a snow day sounds like something Ryan and I would do too! :)
    we usually pick a structure (e.g. AMRAP or “go through the list 4 times” or :45 sec on, :15 off) and pass a piece of paper back and forth to take turns writing down exercise moves.

    that’s very sweet that Anthony made the soup that his grandma used to make him! my grandmas both live in PA