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a special visit! {weekend recap}

Monday morning! Unfortunately daylight savings stole all of my morning sunlight for you. The skies were dark until the last half mile of my outing.0309150647aAnthony and I met up with my friend Katie for today’s run. She pushed the pace! In a good way.0309150650aSo, how was your weekend? Ours was full of fun with a special guest! Meredith came all the way from New York to hang out._DSC0302A bit of snow delayed her flight on Friday, but she arrived just in time for some burgers at The Pharmacy. This place never disappoints! cheeseburger_the_pharmacy_nashvilleAfterward, we felt like hanging out on the couch and watching a movie. Perfect.

Saturday morning the three of us headed to Stones River Greenway for some sunshine. Don’t laugh at my mittens… they’re the best. Also impossible to lose in the laundry.0307150912aDespite the clear skies and warmer temps, there was still a bit of snow on the ground! I don’t mess around with ice so when we came across slick spots I just stopped and walked. #champ0307150920eThis was my first longer run since the half marathon. Legs a little tired, but otherwise I felt fine!0307150914bAt the end of the run Anthony spotted a payphone. Tried to make a call, Serial-style.0307150943After hot showers and a power nap, Meredith and I were ready to hit the town. We shopped around the boutiques of East Nashville before refueling with a flight from Fat Bottom brewery.fat_bottom_brewery_DSC0301Followed by a round of corn hole! Look at that form._DSC0306

I might retire from running and pick up this sport instead. What do you think?_DSC0308
Saturday night we avoided the restaurant rush and cooked at home instead. Pad thai!!shrimp_pad_thai_Instead of the usual chicken, we went with shrimp + tofu for toppings. Plus some veggies mixed in!shrimp_pad_thai_A bit of vino on the side…shrimp_pad_thai_And another drink for good measure. We’d never been to The Crying Wolf before, but were impressed with their lineup of creative cocktails! And by creative I mean strong. This one packed a punch!_DSC0319Meredith and I rallied on for some live music downtown (with Anthony as our ride there — thanks, dear!). This is Nashville, after all…0307152227Then called it a night. Phew!

Before she left on Sunday, we snuck in one last outdoor stroll through Shelby Park. Beautiful day!0308151000aAnd happy day. Thanks for visiting, Meredith!0308151000And now it’s back to the real world, friends. Have a good one!

  • Daylight savings: like it or don’t like it?
  • Favorite type of beer?
  • How long do you recover after a half marathon?

5 thoughts on “a special visit! {weekend recap}

  1. I hate Daylight Savings Time because my morning runs are in the dark again.
    I’m not a big beer lover.
    1/2 recovery depends on if I ran hard or just for fun. I like to just so easy jogs for a week after.

  2. I’m an evening runner, so I love DST! Even on non-running days, it’s so nice to have several hours of daylight after work to enjoy. I haven’t run a half in a very long time, but I try to give myself 10-14 days after a marathon to recover.

  3. Pad thai? Recipe? Please? :)
    (Also – hate DST, haven’t run a half in a long time, and prefer wine to beer…:>)