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lots to cover! a run, OrderUp Nashville & white chicken chili

Which is better: black skies2-photoor grey skies?0311150712 Even when the sun came out, it was an underwhelming morning. BUT it’s warm enough to wear shorts outside, so I’m not going to complain about this weather!

Brightened things up with some East Nashville street art. Seven miles, done! After snow, ice, and pre- and post-race resting, I’m finally starting to get back into the groove of normal running and it feels good :)0311150716aThis week has been full of special events! First the cocktail class on Monday and then a launch party for OrderUp Nashville on Tuesday.OrderUp_Food_Delivery_NashvilleOrderUp is an online food delivery company that takes your average delivery to the next level — by offering delivery for a bunch of restaurants that typically don’t deliver! So, for example, the Nashville delivery list features favorites like Party Fowl and Lucky Belly. This could be dangerous…

In addition to meeting the OrderUp local team, I got to chat with Ashley (The Nashvillian) and Kristin (Camels & Chocolate). Nashville bloggers, unite!

And there was a sampling of quite a few treats.OrderUp_Food_Delivery_NashvilleOrderUp_Food_Delivery_NashvilleOrderUp_Food_Delivery_NashvilleYum! Thanks for having us, OrderUp!

Anthony and I actually skipped out on most of the party snacks, though — because we had a ready-to-go dinner waiting at home for us.Slow_Cooker_White_Chicken_ChiliWhite chicken chili! While the last days of winter are upon us, I’m still serving warm comfort foods, straight out of the slow cooker.Slow_Cooker_White_Chicken_ChiliFor this chili recipe, I pretty much followed The Kitchn‘s instructions. But I tossed in some red and yellow bell peppers for added color.

On the top: Greek yogurt, shredded cheddar, cilantro, and chips! Plus some red pepper flakes for extra spice.Slow_Cooker_White_Chicken_ChiliTen points for whoever can tell me what’s missing, and what’s extra, within this picture…Slow_Cooker_White_Chicken_ChiliAnd twenty points for Anthony, who filled his bowl perfectly to the brim without a single drop of spillage.Slow_Cooker_White_Chicken_ChiliHave a lovely day, guys!

  • Any other Kitchn fans out there? (Tracee, that’s for you!)
  • Warm and rainy, or dry and cold?
  • How often do you order delivery?

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