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foggy skies, silky soft potatoes!

Holy fog!0312150658Today I did a tempo run in the clouds. I could barely see more than a block in front of me — which was actually sort of nice, because then the hills of East Nashville didn’t seem so daunting :).0312150647Do you drink soda? I love this sign but stopped drinking Coke about two years ago. No looking back!0312150639Even though it was dark and grey for 95% of my run, at the very very end I was rewarded with a pretty pink sunrise.0312150652I think I covered about 5 miles, but will never know — my Garmin seems to be on the fritz these days. I’m hoping it was just the fog that kept the satellites from loading?0312150700And that’s a wrap! Moving right along to dinner…

On the menu last night: a go-to salmon dish. Looks fancy but is very easy.dijon_baked_salmonI stumbled across this Dijon salmon recipe from Allrecipes a few years ago, and it’s one of the handful of meals that I actually go back and make more than once :)  dijon_baked_salmonThe salmon took about 30 minutes to prepare and bake — the broccoli, about five!dijon_baked_salmonAlthough I could have done the sweet potatoes in the microwave, I decided to go slow and steady with those. My twice-baked method is worth the time investment:

First, you bake the potatoes in the oven, covered in foil, for an hour at 350 (which I did on Tuesday night while watching The Bachelor… really?! Whitney?!!! Sigh.), then refrigerate them overnight. The next day, bake them again at 350 for another 30-40 minutes in foil. When they’re done, remove the foil and discover the creamiest and mushiest potatoes in the world.

I just asked Anthony to describe what twice-baked potatoes are like and he said “silky soft.” Doesn’t get better than that!dijon_baked_salmonAlright people, I’m off! Check back later today for a special dinner recap!

  • Any idea why my Garmin satellites wouldn’t load today? I waited foreeevvver and then finally gave up.
  • Soda: drink it? Don’t drink it?
  • Favorite Allrecipes recipe?!

3 thoughts on “foggy skies, silky soft potatoes!

  1. I think he should have picked Becca too! And the bachelorette announcement annoyed me! My garmin has been taking a while to load lately too! I have no idea why either. The other day it was sunny and clear out and it took a good five minutes! I have the same model as yours, but its only about a year old! Weird.

  2. Yeah, for a farmer he was not much of a risk taker. Becca was a FM version of JP in some ways but he was crucified for not being ready, while she was shown as just not ready yet and a truthful, common sense person….double standard in that regard ? Granted he was a jerk in other ways as well.