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carbtastic chronicles #18: cranberry-pistachio braided loaf

It’s been a while since I shared some bread! The problem is that we get excited to eat each loaf and I forget to photograph it before it’s gone :)

Here’s one of my favorite loaves of late….cranberry_pistachio_breadA cranberry-pistachio stuffed braid. It was actually supposed to be cranberry-walnut like the recipe states, but I had no walnuts. Pistachios were a fun substitution!cranberry_pistachio_breadI’d actually attempted this loaf a while back with little success. In my first try, I skipped a lot of the instructions (like letting the starter sit overnight — who has time for that?!) and the result was a gooey, cake-like bread — not quite what I was hoping for.orange_cranberry_bread_DSC0018Second time around was much better! The overnight starter firmed up the dough a lot, making it easier to stuff and braid.cranberry_pistachio_breadThe bread was soft, but not crumbly, when sliced. Next time I might add some vital wheat gluten to make it fluffier.cranberry_pistachio_breadI like how the stuffed braid looks, but not sure about its practicality when it comes to taste. The mix-ins get clumped together so you don’t get Craisins in each bite :( Tough times, I know.cranberry_pistachio_breadWe loved eating this bread with butter and orange marmalade. It brought out citrus-y zest of the bread.cranberry_pistachio_breadWe also loved eating the bread in any way. Period. Yum!