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Starting off Monday with the moon.0316150641aWe slept in a bit this morning, but I still had just enough time for a quick jog. Five-ish miles with some sprints thrown in.0316150650Since my Garmin has been acting up for the past few weeks, I’ve had a number of runs where I just go based on feel. It’s sort of freeing! But I do need to get it fixed. Hoping a master reset will do the trick.

Gorgeous sunrise today. I can feel spring coming!0316150646So, how was your weekend? We had special visitors come all the way from Dubai! _DSC0667When Dave (Anthony’s friend from Australia) and his girlfriend Vic arrived on Friday, we headed to my parents’ lake house for a nice night in. The next morning, I got out for a run!0314151236It was kind of overcast and I had a stomach full of bacon. So, not the best run of my life but I suppose it could have been worse. Example: Pouring rain and a stomach full of bacon AND donuts combined?

Speaking of food, I didn’t bring any Gu with me so took some pitted prunes from my mom’s pantry. I stashed them in my car at the halfway point. Did the trick!
I ran for about an hour and 50 minutes — probably covering about 13 miles. 0314151242aThen we road-tripped back to Nashville just in time to make our reservation at Lockland Table! Drinks all around. lockland_table_east_nashvilleWe shared a pizza to start, which is never a bad idea. lockland_table_east_nashvilleI got the fresh catch of the day as my main course — I don’t remember the name of the fish, but it was really tasty. Served over cauliflower with some sort of pistachio cream sauce.  lockland_table_east_nashvilleWe thought Lockland Table was pretty good, but not quite as amazing as we thought it was the first time we went. Maybe Saturday nights are too busy?

We ended the evening with a walk down Broadway and some music at The Listening Room. Great venue!_DSC0576On Sunday, I was somehow able to wake up at 6 am and make it to Hot Yoga+ Nashville. Full review coming soon. As you can see, I was still half asleep and the whole experience was quite sweaty.hot_yoga_plus_nashvilleMost of Sunday was spent prepping for the week and preparing a final meal for our guests! spaghetti_meatballI slow cooked the crap out of some tomatoes and rolled up some meatballs. Plus we had fresh pasta that Anthony made at my parents’ house the day before!phillips_pasta__maker_DSC0176All together:spaghetti_meatballServed with a simple salad on the side. Perfect Sunday night dinner!spaghetti_meatballAnd now it’s time to start a new week! Looking forward to a few low-key nights and 9:30 volleyball match this evening. If I fall asleep on the court, does that mean that the other team wins a point?

  • What foods do you avoid the night/morning before a run?
  • Favorite Sunday night meal?
  • Recommendations for how to fix a Garmin that refuses to load satellites?

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  1. My dad would spend Sunday morning making his tomato gravy and homemade meatballs. He would let it simmer in the crockpot all day, taunting us with home amazing it smelled. Fortunately for us, the crockpot assured us that we would plenty of pasta sauce for the next month.