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beautiful running weather + black bean veggie burgers

Good morning! I kicked off today with my favorite Garmin master reset video on YouTube, and then went for a run.0317150631I met up with a friend for about three miles and then did four more solo. The weather has been amazing this week! Clear and in the 50s-60s. My life has improved drastically.0317150637Unfortunately, my Garmin’s life has taken a turn for the worse. Even after the master reset, it still wouldn’t load satellites and suddenly thinks we are in the mountain time zone. Womp.0317150649cOn the plus side, I recently splurged on a new Essie nail color called Sand Tropez and love it. What do you think? Is neutral nail polish blah or beautiful? Big issues being discussed here on the blog today.

Last thing of note from this morning: Street furniture spotting! Lounge chair available on 14th and Grenada. Conveniently located next to a set of dumpsters. Get it while it’s hot.0317150627So — what are you having for dinner this week? We’re doing burgers! black_bean_veggie_burgerVeggie burgers, that is. I got a big batch ready on Sunday so that we could simply reheat and eat during the week. I just rhymed!black_bean_burger_patties_DSC0628Served with a mix of carrot and sweet potato “fries.” I cut those up on Sunday, too. Food prep for the win! black_bean_veggie_burgerWondering what we’re drinking on the side? One is soda water with lime, the other is a mini Manhattan! At our cocktail class the other week, one of the instructors introduced us to “mini” martini glasses. Apparently when the cocktail was invented in the late 1800s, the average pour was about three ounces — served up in a tiny cocktail glass. The main reason our instructor was in favor of the small cocktail glass: it allows you to finish the entire cocktail with the drink still cold. And I guess it might help you control your intake, yada yada.

Anthony was sold on the concept and ordered us a set! So now we’re just doing “mini” drinks on Mondays. That’s okay, right?small_cocktail_glass_DSC0701Anyways, back to the burgers. We made up for mini drinks with massive amounts of toppings. Cheese, sprouts, tomato, avocado, and ketchup. Anthony added beets to his, too! black_bean_veggie_burgerLeftovers tonight! And another lovely spring run tomorrow. I’m liking this week so far.

And now for those big-issue questions:

  • Beets: yes or no?
  • Neutral nail polish: yes or no?
  • Food prep: yes or no?


9 thoughts on “beautiful running weather + black bean veggie burgers

    • I’ll have to write it down! Basically it’s just black beans, breadcrumbs, eggs, and whatever veggies you have in your fridge :)

  1. DEFINITELY call Garmin customer support– they are amazing and you can talk to a real person who knows pretty much everything about the watch. I’ve gotten a bunch of help from them in the past (and am currently waiting on my replacement for a problem they, sadly, couldn’t fix).

  2. PS- Thanks to your recommendation, I got in touch with your old running coach this weekend and will most likely get started pretty soon!

  3. I’m always on the hunt for a good veggie burger recipe. I’m always afraid of them being too dry or too “beany,” and therefore too wet to hold their shape. These look like they did a good job!

  4. Beets: yes!
    Neutral nail polish: YES!
    Food prep: meh. It’s such a nice idea in theory but I never seem to do it very successfully.