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today’s run & this week’s eats

Good morning! It’s kinda grey out there but I managed to find a bit of pink sunrise.0318150649And a bit of pink flowers! I think spring is on its way. 0318150641I met up with East Nasty for four miles and tacked on the other three-ish solo. My Garmin is still dead but I have my brother-in-law’s loaner Garmin as backup! The 620 is pretty awesome, guys. You never have to wait for satellites to load. A true blessing.0318150654aAnd that’s it on the running front today! I haven’t decided whether I’ll run again tomorrow or not. This weather makes me want to get outside all of the time, but my legs are feeling the slightly higher mileage I’ve gone after this week.

Do you plan your week’s workouts in advance, or just make them up as you go? I think I do a bit of both. I do have a semi-full spreadsheet of workouts but tend to adjust it all the time!

When it comes to meal planning, though, I stick to the schedule! This week we’re having salads for lunch.turkey_feta_saladThe lineup is a mash-up of many things hanging around in my fridge. Turkey and feta are the main stars!turkey_feta_saladOther treasures packed into this monster salad include: bell peppers, avocado, sunflower seeds, Craisins, sprouts, celery, hard-boiled egg… I think I even threw some leftover roasted carrots and sweet potatoes into Anthony’s salad today! Anthony, I hope you don’t read this before lunch or else the surprise will be ruined.turkey_feta_saladDrizzled with a bit of my favorite lemon/dijon vinaigretteturkey_feta_saladSalad lunch-takers, don’t forget my how to pack a perfect lunchtime salad guide! It took me years to perfect the non-soggy packed lunch salad :)

And since I’ve got an extra few minutes of blog time this morning (I guess I ran faster than usual?), why don’t we move onto dinner, too.slow_cooker_lamb_vindalooWe had some lamb in the freezer from a recipe we made a while back. So I did what I do best with random meats that I don’t know how to cook: put it in the crock pot. Always a fail-proof way to make any meat taste tender and delicious!

I took this lamb vindaloo recipe and changed it up a bit. Added in peppers and carrots, plus a bit of coconut oil per some of the suggestions in the recipe comments. Does anyone else love reading recipe comments like I do? They’re always so entertaining! And even occasionally useful.slow_cooker_lamb_vindalooWe served the curry/vindaloo over brown basmati rice and put some sauteed spinach with pine nuts on the side. I don’t think I’ve ever had vindaloo so I can’t say whether this was authentic. Regardless, it tasted good!slow_cooker_lamb_vindalooI could wrap up this post with a Mary Had a Little Lamb joke, but instead I think I’m just going to end it here. Have a good one!

  • Lamb: yay or nay?
  • Do you leave comments/read comments on recipe pages often?
  • Plan your workouts in advance, or make them up as you go?

5 thoughts on “today’s run & this week’s eats

  1. Lamb, nay. I only leave comments on your blog. I tend to plan workouts or at least whether or not it’ll be cardio or weight focused

  2. Bahahah I’m dying over your Mary had a little lamb joke. 😉 When I pack salads for lunch I mix up most of the ingredients the night before, and then pack the protein and any grains in a separate container, and then put the dressing in another container. So many containers! When I get to work I heat up the protein/grains and then add the dressing, and toss it all together. Now I’m clicking over to your post to see how you do it!