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a peek into my pantry: before & after

Hello and happy Friday! How about we start the weekend off with a little organization project? pantry_organization_before_afterMy kitchen pantry has been driving me crazy for the past few months. So I went to town and organized everything!

First, let’s look at the mess it was before. There was very little logic to where or how things were stored. Heartbreaking.
kitchen pantry organization before and after pictures and photos
I felt like our pantry was overflowing, even though I knew there actually wasn’t that much in there. Furthermore, it took me an extra five minutes to find anything!

This was probably my most hated pantry shelf. Nuts, seeds, granola bars, dried fruit, cereal — everything thrown on top of each other in various bags and boxes.kitchen pantry organization before and after pictures and photosI also have an unusually large oil and vinegar collection which was taking up almost an entire shelf! Ack. What’s that peanut butter doing up there?kitchen pantry organization before and after pictures and photosMixed in with all the food were various appliances, paper products, canned goods, aluminum foil, etc. Nightmare!!kitchen pantry organization before and after pictures and photosSo about a week ago I finally broke down and turned to Amazon for help. I invested in some great food storage containers as well as some racks to hold cans and extra Ziploc bags/plastic wrap.

And then I spent a good three hours happily labeling and sorting it all. Here’s the after shot!
kitchen pantry organization before and after pictures and photos
Is it wrong that an organized pantry brings me such joy?

Two great space (and sanity) savers: this can rack and the Ziploc bag box rack. Practical and efficient!kitchen pantry organization before and after pictures and photosMy favorite mini project was getting all of the nuts, seeds, and dried fruit sorted out. We have a lot of those since I make granola bars every other week.

I invested in some large containers (instead of bags) which made it easier to stack, label, and sort. I had to buy about five new containers for the entire pantry– I was able to re-purpose many old Tupperwares and jars we already had.kitchen pantry organization before and after pictures and photosThe top shelf of our pantry is pretty high up and difficult for me to reach and see. So I try to keep things up there that I don’t use as often and don’t weigh as much :)

Big labels and big cartons helped keep everything together! And yes, that’s a Talenti gelato container I’ve re-purposed. They’re seriously great for storage! Fact: eating ice cream makes you a more organized person.kitchen pantry organization before and after pictures and photosI also used an old yogurt container! It’s large enough to hold a few chocolate bars, but small enough so that it doesn’t hold too many chocolate bars :)

And look — I rounded up all of our peanut butters and contained them in one space!kitchen pantry organization before and after pictures and photosThe oils, sauces, and vinegars got the VIP treatment. I sorted them into two sections: oils and sauces on the right, vinegars and jarred foods on the left. The other half of the shelf is dedicated to cereals and oatmeal.kitchen pantry organization before and after pictures and photosAnd then I went real crazy and made a little inventory list. kitchen pantry organization before and after pictures and photosIt was a big project, but I’m so happy with my new pantry!! I think I sleep better at night and have extended my lifespan by at least a few years.
kitchen pantry organization before and after pictures and photos
And FYI, here are those Amazon goodies I found if you’re interested:

Snapware 23-cup containerSnapware 17-cup container | Snapware 10.8-cup containerAtlantic can rack | Deco Bros kitchen wrap organizer

Happy organizing!!

  • What’s your pantry looking like these days?
  • Tips for food storage?
  • Is my oil/vinegar collection insanely large, or is that a normal amount of jars to have on hand?!

16 thoughts on “a peek into my pantry: before & after

  1. We just bought the Spicy Shelf- spicyshelf.com – and it has CHANGED out spice cabinet. One of the few “as seen on tv”
    Thjngs that are as good as the infomercial says it is!

    • oh, good to know! i actually also just re-did our entire spice drawer, too :) i bought uniform mini bottles and transfered all of my spices into them. and then i labeled them and put them in alphabetical order, because i am insane.
      IF the spices grow out of the drawer, though, i’ll look into the spicy shelf! happy organizing! :)

  2. As someone who helps people organize their life – this makes my heart happy! I would also recommend getting a mini shelf to use-up the vertical space (ie where you have the mixer), I see potential space there. :) You are inspiring me to tackle my kitchen organization this weekend. Tupperware storage is my Everest!

    • you found my pantry’s weak spot! haha. good idea — i’ll have to look into a little rack/shelf thing to use that space! i considered doing something like that for my oils, actually — but decided against it since the pantry is kind of dark and it would be difficult to see the bottle labels if they were stacked too high or too deep. tupperware storage is my everest, hahahahaha

  3. my oil collection consists of one meager bottle of olive oil, but I make up for that with an extensive selection of peanut butter. your pantry looks very nice! love the inventory list and attached pencil.

      • I just learned that truffle oil was a thing a few month ago; up until then, I only knew of chocolate truffles… so when another blogger kept referring to truffle fries, and I honestly throught she was talking about chocolate-covered fries

  4. woohoo for an organized pantry! I know how that feels. My husband and I recently purged and organized our kitchen as well. It’s amazing how long we “let it go” for but, now it’s a much better space and we feel so good afterwards! =D Hopefully, it stays that way for a bit!

  5. Oh this makes me so happy!!! I love organizing. It looks so pretty! My roommate divided our pantry into 3 sections for us using pretty ribbon, so it’s looking much better now. :)