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manhattans, tacos, & 16 miles: weekend check-in

Morning! How’s your weekend going? Ours started off strong: manhattan_lemon_twist_Anthony was out of town for a couple of days last week, so when he got back on Friday we threw a mini party! With our mini cocktail glasses._DSC0808He’s working on perfecting the mini Manhattan. It’s all about finding the right vermouth and investing in high-quality maraschino cherries. Drinking is an art, guys. manhattan_lemon_twist_After our home-based happy hour, we got started on a quick dinner that I’d mostly prepped the night before. Fish tacos!grilled_fish_tacosWe tossed tilapia, onion, garlic, and peppers in taco seasoning. Topped with all the fixins — including fresh mango and peach salsa!grilled_fish_tacosInstead of the usual side of rice, beans, and/or chips, I decided to give plantains a try! I fried them up in coconut oil. Pretty tasty.grilled_fish_tacosOur party ended on the early side because the Manhattans knocked us out we had to wake up at 5:30 the next morning to go run!
Anthony and I met up with the Fleet Feet training group for a run through Brentwood. It was a nice change of scenery from our usual city streets.0321150740bThe route was about 100x more complex than any long run should be. We did some serious modifications (aka, I don’t think we even looked at this sheet even once) to cut it short and simplify things. I mean, really?!!
Anthony and I hung with our friends Katie and Alex for about 11 miles; then they sped off to do 8 more (Boston training!) while Anthony and I headed out for 5 more.0321150817aWe’d wanted to do 14 miles, but the insane route actually led us to come in at 16 miles. I was pretty dead during the last two, especially when the sun came out strong. I stopped once or twice to walk. No shame.0321150835BUT we finished and it was a beautiful day. Then I took an amazing shower and a nice long nap. Naps are the best, but doing them after an exhausting run takes them to a whole new level of incredible. Agreed?

What are you up to today? We’re looking forward to a low-key Sunday. See ya tomorrow!

  • Do you do the same route regularly, or change things up?
  • Do you prep meals in advance or make them all at once?
  • Do you agree that post-run naps are the best thing on Earth?

4 thoughts on “manhattans, tacos, & 16 miles: weekend check-in

  1. I am in 100% agreement that there is NOTHING that will ever compare to the nap after a long run. Especially if it’s the one-two punch combo of food coma + long run nap…. oh, man.

  2. I like to mix up my routes.
    I’ve never prepped my meals. I like doing it throughout the week.
    I’ve never been able to nap, but I definitely prop my feet up to rest after long runs!