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what to wear for running in different temps. plus a ranch dressing photo shoot.

Good morning, Nashville!0324150639Anthony and I set out for a nice easy jog this morning. We started out in the dark, but only had to wait about 20 minutes for the sun to come up!0324150654It’s a clear day with early morning temps around 50 degrees. I think 55 degrees is my magic running temperature. 60 starts to get a bit too hot, and high 40s mean you still have to wear gloves. Remember this running apparel chart I made a while back? I still use it all the time!

“What to wear for running in different temperatures:

  • In the 60s = Two short items (e.g., short sleeves and shorts)
  • 50s = One long item, one short item (e.g., long pants and short sleeves, or long sleeves and shorts)
  • 40s = Two long items (e.g., long pants and long sleeves)
  • 30s = Two heavy-duty long items, plus a headband/warmer if it’s low 30s(e.g., thick leggings, long sleeves, and a jacket)
  • Below 30s = Wear everything possible

**I always wear gloves if it’s lower than 50. And if winds are over 20 mph, I might add a few more layers too. ”

Some things I saw on my run today. 1) One of my favorite houses in East Nashville, located on Russel street. Love the brick + pink/purple, as well as the circle structure thing in the middle! Anthony, I think we should consider moving in. You’d be okay with a purple house, right?03241506342) Some new artwork on Main Street. Colorful skull stickers? Why not.0324150645I dropped off Anthony around mile 4 and covered a couple more solo. Good start to the day!

Remember how I was raving about my Cook’s Illustrated cook book yesterday? Well, here’s another winner straight from page 352.Enchiladas verdes!cooks_illustrated_enchiladas_verdesIt doesn’t look pretty, but trust me: it was good! The recipe took a bit of work, but I think the end result was worth it. It involves roasting tomatillos and poblanos from scratch —  definitely a little too time-intensive for a weeknight meal, but doable on a weekend! I made it on Saturday afternoon and took it over to my sister’s house. Served up with a simple salad on the side. That’s a lotta green!cooks_illustrated_enchiladas_verdesI wish I could say the enchiladas were the star of the evening, but I think my niece and nephew stole the show. Once I had the camera out, it was photo shoot time. First we posed with some arts and crafts …_DSC0830and then moved right along to posing with our favorite salad dressings. Wearing a bottle of Ranch on your head? Life doesn’t get any better._DSC0841So cute. Can’t wait until my sister’s newest family member is old enough to hold a bottle on his head, too :)

And lastly, some reads for you!

The daily questions…

  • If you had to wear a bottle of salad dressing on your head, what dressing would you choose? Bet you’ve never been asked this one before.
  • What color is your house?
  • Tell me about your run today!

6 thoughts on “what to wear for running in different temps. plus a ranch dressing photo shoot.

  1. hahaha they are too cute. I’m with the little guy on Italian dressing.
    my temperature chart is similar but shifted down 10 degrees. 40s is my cut-off for shorts, and 50s is too short items. I’d rather be cold than hot while running tho

  2. So cute.. I’m a ranch girl 100%!! The enchiladas look delicious. I have about 5 different enchilada recipes and I love them all! My house is gray.. Pink would be better :)

    Monday was a rest day, but I’m excited for a speed workout tonight!

  3. Ran three easy miles with the pup. We were running along a trail and he caught whiff of a squirrel and almost pulled my arm out of its socket. If I wasn’t awake before that, I definitely was after!

  4. It was gorgeous this morning!!!
    Funny question! I’d wear my favorite honey pear vinaigrette.
    My house is white washed brick.
    Today’s run: track. 4 mile warmup, 2 mile time trial, 2 mile cool down.

  5. My hometown built a huge subdivision when I was younger on the outskirts of town to try to get more people to move to the “downtown” area. For some reason they made each house a different garish color. It was hard to look at them without laughing! That purple house is probably what they were going for…just couldn’t quite execute it!