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my spring race goals

Hola. This morning I was close to sleeping in. But I heard the birds chirping outside my window and saw on my phone that it was 60 degrees outside! Spring. 0325150656The skies are kind of weird today — maybe a storm is brewing? 0325150625bAnyways, it was light enough that I could venture away from my winter routes (all of which involved the brightest-lit streets in East Nashville) and try a new course! I made it across the tracks.0325150641I love making up new routes and get a weird sense of pride when I can accurately estimate in my head how long a route will be. Example: I was shooting for 5 miles today, and came in exactly at 4.95. Pretty close!!

SO guys. Like I said, it’s spring — which means it’s race season! (Flashback to my half marathon in Amish country)1-IMG_1107 I finally registered for a bunch of stuff the other week. Here’s what I’ve got lined up so far:

1. April 11: Purity Dairy Dash 10k. Remember when I did this race last year? We had just moved to Nashville and I could barely handle “the heat” of the South. Ha! This year I’m doing the same race and hoping to set a new PR. The race has a flat course and a fun vibe, so I’m feeling good! Now I just gotta get my butt in gear so I can run fast. Goal A: 42:00 or below. Goal B: Dance with the giant milk man.
May 2: Strawberry Chase 5k. Excited for this race! 5ks are one of the toughest distances for me and I’ve only done a couple in the past. Let’s see if I can sprint 3.1 miles and survive. Looks like my current 5k PR is 21:02. The race director told me this course is the “flattest 5k in Tennessee,” so let’s see if that helps me set a new record. Goal A: Sub-20 minutes. Goal B: Find the best breakfast spot between Nashville and Dayton, TN. Any recommendations?1970750_10203115889715195_1450295860_n (1)
June 6: Downhill at Dawn half marathon. I love running downhill and I love running in the morning. And I also love North Carolina. So, this race seemed like a perfect fit! After a five mile flat out-and-back, the route continues to drop from 2500 feet to 1300 feet. This could either feel really good on my legs, or really bad. Looks like a really scenic route, though. Let’s see what happens. Goal A: Sub 1:32. 
Goal B: Drink all of the beer in Asheville.wicked_weed_asheville_DSC0014
Pretty lofty goals, right? I think the toughest one is the 5k race goal. Or maybe the milk man. Have a great day!

  • Locals: What other within-three-hours-driving-from-Nashville races would you recommend?
  • Last time you set a new PR?
  • What races are you gearing up for this season?

8 thoughts on “my spring race goals

  1. Downhill Half!? Those hamstrings and calves are going to be shredded!!! LOL

    I have some friends who did that marathon in Estes Park, CO that’s all downhill. Both are great marathoners but they both said they’ve never been so sore after a race because it was all downhill.

    Good luck!!! :)

    • yeah, i’m not sure how it will go. i actually did a downhill marathon in colorado — the american discovery trail race — a few years back and don’t remember it being too painful. so, hoping this one works for me!

  2. I set a new 5K PR randomly on NYE – I wasn’t even 5K ready….so random! I’m hoping to PR the 5K this weekend!

    The other race I need to concentrate on is the 10K. I’ve only run it once and my time was so slow that I’ve actually run faster than it several times in training runs and even PR’d the 10K in the second half of my last half marathon. I already have two 10K’s scheduled in May!

  3. Those all sound like really fun races! Since I just moved, I’m trying to get a feel for what the best races in the area are, but there’s lots of fun options. The hard part will be deciding which ones. I would definitely like to run at least one half this year.

  4. In a bit late to read/comment, but the part about running new routes now that it’s lighter out just made me go “yes!” I have these routes that are too dark to run in the winter that I’m able to do again. Another thing I love about spring!