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carbtastic chronicles #19: tomato basil bread

Let me start this post by saying I’m getting pretty antsy about spring — so much so, that I’ve been spending tons of $$ on fresh herbs because I can’t wait long enough for our garden to grow :)fresh_bagged_basilA bag of store-bought fresh basil was the inspiration for this loaf!tomato_basil_breadI took a basic wheat bread dough and jazzed it up with some sun-dried tomatoes and snippets of basil. I think basil is my favorite herb of them all. What about you?tomato_basil_breadThe tomatoes gave each slice a light, smoky flavor — and a bold coppery color!tomato_basil_breadNext time I make this, I might try tossing in a bit of mozzerella. Like a caprese salad, inside a loaf of bread. Genius!tomato_basil_breadThis loaf turned out pretty well, I’d say — the only problems I ran into was an overly sticky plastic wrap problem during the second rise and a bit of burned edges during that time when I forgot I had bread in the oven because I was watching The Mindy Project. Tough times, guys.tomato_basil_breadThis loaf was so good that it’s already gone! Can’t wait for our basil to grow so that I can make it again :)

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