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girly weekend recap

How was your weekend? Anthony has been out of town for the past few days, so I tried to keep busy with some girlfriends! Starting with a big run on Saturday with my friend Katie. percy_warner_park_trailsWe headed to Percy Warner Park, one of the prettiest but hilliest trails around. I know a lot of local running clubs have runs that meet “at the stone gates” of Percy Warner, so for anyone wondering what these stone gates look like, here you go.percy_warner_park_stone_gate_entrance_0328151100Katie had to do 20+ miles (she’s Boston-bound!) and I hung with her for about 15.percy_warner_park_trailsIt felt like I did 20, though! Those hills were serious. Definitely one of the hardest runs I’ve been on in a long time — I’m still sore today. Ouch.percy_warner_park_trailsBut, the view from the top was pretty awesome.percy_warner_park_trailsAnd the weather wasn’t too bad, either! It was a weirdly cold morning but bright and sunny. Good run.percy_warner_park_trailsMy legs felt like jelly by the last mile. When I got home I was craving FRUIT. Luckily we had plenty on hand! And then I took an ice bath (!!). So cold._DSC0979Fast forward through a power nap and some time in the kitchen… to a dinner party! I hosted four ladies at my casa._DSC0998We started off with some wine and snacks…_DSC0991Then moved onto dinner. On the menu: a roasted veggie salad + pesto chicken pasta. _DSC1002Since I’d made the main dish many times before, I thought I’d venture out and try something new for dessert. I decided to give Cook’s Illustrated’s lemon bundt cake a try!

Unfortunately I have not mastered the bundt pan, and my cake broke right in half as I was trying to flip it out of the pan. Luckily I just sort of flopped it on its side and drizzled it with glaze. Even though it was squat and lopsided, it still tasted good :) _DSC0984It was nice to stay in and not have to deal with the madness of East Nashville restaurants on the weekend. We stayed up chatting until almost midnight!

On Sunday, I slept in and then made my way over to The Southern to meet Karina for brunch. It’d been way too long since the last time we got together!0329151114Nothing closes out the weekend (and closes out a blog post) better than a bacon-and-egg sandwich. With fries.the_southern_nashvilleIt was a good girly weekend, but I’m definitely ready for Anthony to come home today! :) Have a good week!

  • Locals: Favorite brunch spot?
  • What do you crave after a long run?
  • Would you rather: Run 22 flat miles or run 15 super hilly miles?

6 thoughts on “girly weekend recap

  1. Wow, all the food in this post makes me very hungry :)

    After my long run Saturday all I wanted was Chick-fil-a… and I got it. I don’t usually crave sweets after running. I think I would rather do 22 flat miles, hills are killer! That park looks beautiful though.

  2. what a great way to spend your weekend! I love that you made the best from the bundt cake! I would have done the same. Sometimes, things don’t turn out but at least it still tasted delicious! =D