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running around the track, eating at Hai Woon Dai

Hello friends! How’s your morning going? Mine started at the track.0402150626aWhen Anthony and I arrived, all of the big lights were on which was weird. I felt like I was on an episode of Friday Night Lights.0402150608But then the sun came up! Looks like it’s going to be a humid, rainy day. Can’t wait for my hair to start frizzing out in all of this humidity.0402150636I did the same workout as I did last week: 4×200, 3×400, 4×200. 60-second rest between each 200, 1:30 rest between each 400. Going by my old coach’s training plan and referring to his eBook, here’s the deal with my workout today, which was done at “R Pace.”

“R-pace (Reps) is a term derived from Daniels’ book and refers to a fast pace (approximately mile race pace) with a focus on proper running form. R-pace workouts are typically done early in the training year in order to build running economy, so that the longer intervals that come later will be less stressful to the body. The goal of R-pace is not necessarily to build fitness per se; however, fitness is gained indirectly. The goal of R-pace is to teach a runner how to run fast. Knowing how to run fast carries good mechanics into distance running, which then increases the pace of the long runs. That is the indirect way in which R-pace workouts increase fitness.”

This week the workout felt a little bit easier, and I was a little bit faster! Small victory.0402150642nAnother winning endeavor this week: Our trip to Hai Woon Dai, a Korean restaurant located alllll the way in Antioch. hai woon dai korean restaurant in nashville/antioch tnThis unassuming spot is a favorite of our friends Allison and Nicolas, so we met them there to give it a try! Inside, the restaurant is pretty simple in terms of decor but smells wonderful. The staff is lively and the vibe is low-key.hai woon dai korean restaurant in nashville/antioch tnTo start, we shared a “seafood pancake” (weird name, I know) alongside the typical small plates known as “banchan.” Yep, that’s an octopus tentacle you see on top.hai woon dai korean restaurant in nashville/antioch tnI kept things simple and ordered an all-time favorite for my main dish: bibimbop! Rice, veggies, beef, and an egg. Life doesn’t get better than that.hai woon dai korean restaurant in nashville/antioch tnHai Woon Dai was definitely a winner! Worth the scary drive through Antioch IMO.

And now it’s time to start another day! Tomorrow I’m off to New Orleans but will try to get a post up for y’all before I head out!

  • What happens to your hair with humidity?
  • Favorite Korean dish?
  • Ever done an R-pace workout?

3 thoughts on “running around the track, eating at Hai Woon Dai

  1. Really interested in the R-pace workout, seems like a cool concept! I’m with you on the humidity… My hair is naturally curly so it doubles in size on rainy days :)

  2. I’ve never heard of R-pace workouts…seems like an interesting, but painful, concept. It is super humid here too, the other women at work and I were rocking some pretty frizzy hairdos today.