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happy easter!

Happy Easter!0405151224We actually did most of our Easter festivities yesterday since that was best for everyone’s schedules. Both my sister and I moved back to Nashville last year, and now it’s pretty awesome that my entire family can get together on the regular. Especially our newest members!_DSC0032We had an outdoor Easter egg hunt followed by a competitive game of run-with-an-egg-on-a-spoon relay. I’m going to add at least one mile to my weekly mileage report._DSC0067_DSC0043_DSC0049_DSC0051Things got pretty heated during the last round…_DSC0057Official results have yet to be announced, but I think my sister’s team won :)_DSC0065Afterward, we came inside for an Easter feast. My mom made 1,000 main dishes and I brought this roasted veggie salad._DSC0075Anthony and I had reservations at the cool kids’ table. _DSC0080Eating on festive plates makes everything 10x better. Right?_DSC0083My plate was piled pretty high because I was run-gry. Before the party began, Anthony and I met up with my friend Katie for our usual Saturday long run. PS, we are starting an unofficial Nashville running club. Anyone in the 7:45-8:15 pace range welcome. Rules are: We start right on time and only run on the prettiest trails. Also, you are only allowed to talk about running for 20% of the entire workout, because does anyone else feel like it’s overkill to talk about training while physically training? You are allowed to ramble about absolutely any other topic though. 0404150758aWe started at LP field at 7 am sharp (see previous note about starting on time). 0404150859Then we headed out for a flat out-and-back through Shelby Park. It felt like heaven compared to last week’s monster mountain run.0404150750The run was pretty uneventful except for that moment Anthony ate a mandarin orange Gu and realized that it might be the worst flavor in the world. 0404150758We decided that salted caramel (the flavor I had, hehehe) is the best.

We dropped Katie off around mile 7 (she had a specific Boston route/pace in plan) and headed back for 14 total. Done!0404150912And that’s it, people. Today’s plans include church, hanging out with some friends, and destroying my kitchen :)_DSC0086Have a happy Easter!

  • Best & worst Gu flavors of all time?
  • What are you doing for Easter?
  • Does your immediate family all live in one area, or are they spread out?

2 thoughts on “happy easter!

  1. That looks like an awesome Easter!!!
    Best gu: chocolate outrage or caramel macchiato. Worst: any citrus flavor.
    My husband was supposed to be out of town for work today, but he surprised and came to town for the day!
    Most of our family live within a few hours of Nashville.

  2. Michael and I went to a relaxed lunch with his aunt and uncle. It was nice to do something special but not formal. I rarely have GU (usually only in a marathon when I’m sick of my own fuel), but I’m really tempted to try the salted caramel flavor!