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pizza crust & bourbon smash

Good Monday morning to you!0406150635I started the week off with a slightly longer run than usual. Eight miles! Gearing up for my 10k this weekend, 5k next month, and half marathon in June (upcoming race details here.) Yeesh. Race addiction? Nah.0406150630It was a nice and quiet run. Most eventful thing I saw was this lovely collection of pizza crusts on Shelby Ave. Are you a crust eater, or not? I always am. But not when it comes to eating other people’s crusts on the sidewalk.0406150618aShortly after my pizza sighting, it started to drizzle a little bit. Naturally, I ducked into a gas station and stole a plastic doughnut bag to keep my phone dry. Next time I should pick up a maple glazed, too…0406150627Good run!

So why not end this post with a drink? Anthony and I had some friends over for a home-based happy hour last night. On the menu: Food & Wine’s maple bourbon smash. We made this drink almost exactly a year ago, when we were about to move to Nashville and I was about to run the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll half. Wow! Where did the year go?!maple_bourbon_smash_cocktail_DSC0088It was just as good as we remembered! Two rounds of this drink and it’ll definitely live up to its name :)maple_bourbon_smash_cocktail_DSC0090Cheers to a good week!

  • Favorite cocktail?
  • Crusts: yay or nay?
  • What was the highlight of your weekend?!

5 thoughts on “pizza crust & bourbon smash

  1. The crust is my favorite part!
    I’m with everyone else who wouldn’t have thought of a donut bag. genius! we’d all have dead phones