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pelt-you-in-the-eyes rain run + protein-packed ultimate chili

Wow. I think I will be waterlogged for at least a few days after this morning’s run.0407150651It was barely drizzling when Anthony and I set out. But within five minutes, it started absolutely pouring down rain! Like, pelts-you-in-the-eyeballs-until-you-can’t-see-anything type of rain. It was intense.0407150643aAfter a while we just had to laugh at how ridiculous the whole adventure was. We covered six miles, with the middle two at a 6:45 pace. Plus a couple stops to wring out clothes which were seriously weighing us down!0407150636By the end of the run my shoes were super squishy and heavy. I’m counting today’s run as strength training for the legs, too :)

Even though today’s run was super soggy, I’m glad that the forecast for Saturday is sunny! I just got this in my inbox and can’t wait for Dairy Dash time. dd2

My smile got even bigger when I opened the email to find a giant image of an ice cream sandwich.dairydashWhat else am I eating this week other than ice cream?

Chili!cooks_illustrated_ultimate_chili__DSC0098Two things happened the other day: 1) I was spending time reading my Cook’s Illustrated cookbook (as one does) and 2) DailyBurn reached out to me to share a protein-packed recipe. And so the idea for a meat-and-bean chili was born. Have you guys ever used DailyBurn, btw? I’ve never tried it but have seen other people stream their workouts at the gym before. Looks cool. I wonder how it compares to the Nike Training app…

Anyways, back to the chili!cooks_illustrated_ultimate_chili_DSC0092Deemed “the ultimate chili” by Cook’s Illustrated, this stew is pretty hardcore. Instead of ground beef, you use blade steak, which results in a heartier chili.cooks_illustrated_ultimate_chili__DSC0102Like all Cook’s Illustrated recipes, there are no shortcuts — which in this case meant that I got to blend up dried ancho and arbol chilis to make my own chili paste! That was kind of cool. And kind of time consuming.

We made this ultimate chili even MORE ultimate by adding avocado, Greek yogurt, cheese, and cilantro. And chips.cooks_illustrated_ultimate_chili__DSC0094This chili was pretty tasty, but to be honest I think our own recipe rivals it! Who knew that Anthony and I were such chili connoisseurs :)

  • Favorite dairy product? (Mine is a tie between cheese and ice cream)
  • Ever tried DailyBurn?
  • Locals: Did you run in this madness of rain?
  • Bonus question: Do you guys think the font of my blog is too small? Should I increase it? Thanks!!

5 thoughts on “pelt-you-in-the-eyes rain run + protein-packed ultimate chili

  1. that’s one soggy run!
    favorite dairy product: ice cream or milkshakes
    I don’t think your font is too small but maybe one size bigger?

    • 1. a milkshake is just ice cream in drinkable form. excellent answer! 2. Noted! I am a font fanatic so am always looking to change things up :)

  2. I am now craving an ice cream sandwich!
    We got soaked on the track this morning!! It was a long soggy Yasso 800’s workout.
    The font is great for me. :)

  3. Milkshakes are my favorite. (Especially vanilla ones from the MSU Dairy Store…now I’m craving one!) We had a huge rainstorm tonight during my run, I forgot how weird soaking wet running clothes are.