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a collage of fence-hopping photos

Hello! Today is going to be a speed post because I just wasted 15 minutes putting on all the clothes in my closet, changing out of them, and trying them on again. Do you ever have those days where you hate your entire wardrobe? Life is hard.0408150651dSpeaking of speed — that’s what was on the menu this morning! Anthony and I hit the track. Look at him go!0408150651cWhen we arrived, the gate was locked so we had to hop the fence like usual.0408150616aClimbing high school track fences is, in fact, one of my favorite hobbies. Flashback to some of the fences I’ve climbed in the past few years….20140616-070232.jpgIMG_0241DSC01559DSC00215DSC02679CaptureAnthony loves it, too! Match made in heaven.IMG_4892Back to today’s workout: mile repeats on the menu. I did three one-mile loops with a one-minute rest between each set. My times: 6:30, 6:34, 6:32. Then another half mile at 3:15. Not so bad! 0408150651fI ran extra hard today because I just realized yesterday that the GRAND PRIZE for this weekend’s race is a ONE-YEAR SUPPLY OF Purity Ice Cream. Capture12312This might just be the biggest race of my life. :) Have a great day!

  • What’s the best race prize/perk you’ve ever won?
  • Last time you hopped a fence?
  • Since I’m too short on time to share my dinner photos — tell me about what recipe you tried this week!

6 thoughts on “a collage of fence-hopping photos

  1. Ha ha. Personally, I like the “scaling of the turnstile” pics!

    Here’s a question: have you ever been busted? Our public schools in Oklahoma allow use of their track facilities 24 hours a day so we don’t have to jump fences. The private schools lock their tracks but they also have armed guards that would arrest you for trespassing!

    • haha, no — never been busted! in fact, last summer anthony and i busted someone else. we caught a guy breaking into a car at the track and called the cops on him :)

  2. Your fence hopping collage cracked me up! It’s been about a year since I had to climb one and it for a track as well.
    It’s a cheesy prize, but I got a crocheted monkey for placing in the flying monkey. I worked hard for it and it’s my favorite!

  3. I would be so worried about getting caught jumping the fences! I don’t think I could enjoy the workout. But props to you for getting over those turnstiles – I’m impressed! That ice cream prize sounds so good.