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weekly eats: pit of ashes, deep-fried mountain & margaritas.

Good morning! I’ve got lots of yummy food and drinks to share, which seems fitting for a Friday :)

First: my big culinary adventure of the week was trying to recreate the Rumours East salmon that I had a while back.Rumours_east_nashville salmonI tried really hard to adopt the brain of a professional chef when thinking about how exactly this dish was made. Based on the Rumours menu description, I picked these three recipes as loose guides:


Here’s how mine looked! I even did the mashed potato swirl on the side of the plate.salmon_with_mashed_potatoesOf the three dish components, I was closest to getting it just like Rumours on the mashed potatoes. They were awesome. But then again, how can you mess up mashed potatoes? #JustAddButter

The salmon was good, but lacking the smoky flavor and flakiness that Rumours’ had. I think if we just heat the grill up more next time, we might be able to get it right!salmon_with_mashed_potatoesAs for the roasted cauliflower… well, that was a total fail. As you can see, I burned my cauliflower so bad it that it was basically a pile of black ash.salmon_with_mashed_potatoesDespite my cauliflower catastrophe, I’m determined to try this meal again! Would it be weird if I called Rumours and asked for a few hints? :)

Also on the menu this week: Salad! And when I say “salad,” I actually mean “tower of deep-fried tortillas.”rosepepper_cantina_east_nashville_taco_saladAnthony and I met up with our friends Rayna and Kevin for a low-key dinner at Rosepepper Cantina last night. This fajita salad was the bomb. Under that thick layer of shredded cheese, there was actually a ton of grilled veggies and spicy grilled chicken. Yum. rosepepper_cantina_east_nashville_taco_saladAnd since we’re here and it’s Friday, why not end this post with a drink?st_anejo_nashville_margaritaAs you might have seen on Instagram, I finally got to meet up with Kristin of Camels & Chocolate the other night. She’s as awesome in person as she seems on her blog! Plus she knows all the happy hour deals in town which makes her my new best friend.0408151936Let’s hope that eating charcoal cauliflower, fried tortillas, and margaritas helps me pull of a first-place win at the Dairy Dash tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

  • Are you racing this weekend?! Tell me about it.
  • Last time you burned food so bad it was inedible?
  • Margaritas: Blended, or on the rocks? Salt or no salt?

5 thoughts on “weekly eats: pit of ashes, deep-fried mountain & margaritas.

  1. I can’t remember a time when I’ve burned anything that badly, but my mom comes close a lot, since she never remembers to set a timer for anything! That meal looks really good otherwise.

    • Haha. Yeah, I set a timer but then turned off the oven and left the cauliflower in there while it cooled. Guess it cooled a lot slower than I thought it would!

  2. Oh hey, there we are! Can’t wait for our next happy hour meet-up. I’m a fan of Union Common on Wednesdays because they also have discounts on apps (those Brussels sprouts, mmmmm).