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review: 2015 Purity Dairy Dash 10k

On Saturday, I headed to Metro Center for the 16th annual Purity Dairy Dash! Since I ran this race last year, I was eager get out there and do it again.

purity_dairy_dash 10k 2015
The 10k started at 8:30, which was slightly later than I prefer to race but still not too hot or sunny out. I arrived at the start around 8:15 to do some light jogging and dynamic warmup drills before heading to the start line.

With a little over 600 people running the 10k (there were another 1200 running the 5k and 1-mile races, held earlier that morning), the 10k was a breeze in terms of logistics. Plenty of parking, space to warm up, and easy-to-maneuver start line. Even the porta-potties lines were short!purity_dairy_dash 10k 2015I chatted to this red-shirted man a bit before the gun went off and found out that he had a similar goal pace to mine — we decided to engage in a little friendly competition :) purity_dairy_dash 10k 2015I love the following picture because 1) me and my friend Margaret (who took 4th — nice job, Margaret!) are the only ladies visible in a sea of men with intense sunglasses shaved heads and 2) everyone is staring at their Garmins like their life depended on it. :) Nothing like the sound of satellites chirping to get a race party started.purity_dairy_dash 10k 2015The Diary Dash is lovely because it’s one of the few flat routes around town. There’s a slight uphill around mile two, but other than that, the course is pretty steady, elevation-wise. Unfortunately no epic downhills like the Clarendon Day 10k (my current PR course), but definitely a fast route for Nashville.

I didn’t take photos during the race since I was too busy running as fast as I physically could. But, here’s a shot of the beautiful greenway captured on a blog even more beautifully titled “adventures and alcohol.photo-may-16-12-26-41(Source: adventures and alcohol)

The 10k route features about 3.5 miles on the greenway, which slightly curves as it runs alongside the water. Pretty and flat, but no shade and not much entertainment! I came prepared for this mentally tough part after experiencing it last year, and had a bunch of little mind games and zen runner tricks to help me stay positive as the miles went on and the sun got stronger out there.

I set out a little faster (6:29) than my goal pace (6:40ish) so was nervous that the speedy start might come kick my butt at the end. By the time I hit mile four, I was definitely breathing pretty hard — but confident that I’d be able to hang on for two more miles. Pretty soon the greenway was over and I felt like I was on the home stretch! Me and this guy in the yellow hung together for the last mile, almost stride for stride the entire way.purity_dairy_dash 10k 2015The BEST was during the last half mile, when we decided to race each other to the finish! I passed my amazing cheer team at the same time, which gave me a speedy little boost.purity_dairy_dash 10k 2015Sorry, yellow man — I beat you. I also beat the guy in the red shirt from the start line in case you were wondering :) #girlsrulepurity_dairy_dash 10k 2015And then it was OVER! I was exhausted but happy with my time. Not quite under 42 minutes, but pretty dang close. (Official time 42:13). Here are my splits:


A whole 1.5 minutes faster than last year, and only a few seconds off my current PR.0411150930I ended up taking third overall for women — meaning that I sadly did NOT win a year’s supply of ice cream. Maybe next year!

I did snag a Nutty Buddy at the finish line for good measure. This race has endless amounts of awesome post-race food, BTW!purity_dairy_dash_2015_nashville_0411150948bA big thank you to Purity for putting on a fabulous race, and a big thank you to my family who came to cheer for me.

Anthony gets an extra high-five because he ran nine miles to meet me at the exact moment I crossed the finish line. And my neice and nephews get high fives for just being adorable. CIMG6669And why not give the giant cow man a high five, too? :)purity_dairy_dash 10k 2015Great race! I can’t wait to do this one again next year — especially if the grand prize is another year-supply of ice cream. Third time’s a charm, right? :)

  • Locals: Love or hate the greenway?
  • Are you usually able to sprint during the last bit of a race?
  • Favorite distance to race?

12 thoughts on “review: 2015 Purity Dairy Dash 10k

  1. Great job!! and nice form!
    I ran a 10k on Saturday too, but it was logistically opposite—the race was so small that no one wanted to start near the front, and they had to beg us to inch closer, haha

  2. Great job! I love how you are right at the start line with all the men! I’m in total awe of how fast you are. One of my marathons was mostly on a bike path and I wanted to get off so badly by the end, but I imagine it would’ve been pretty at the 10K distance.

    • the woman who took first is from south africa and recently ran a sub-3 marathon in boston… yeah, no problem, i can beat her next year ;). and shirt is from Sweaty Betty!