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wildlife run + thai phooket

We’ve made it to the middle of the week! The weather is crummy but I don’t care.0414150614Yesterday I set out for some easy miles. After a couple speed sessions and a weekend race, it felt good to just do my own thing.0414150638I headed down to Shelby Park, where the wildlife was! I saw a number of frogs, worms, rabbits, and DEER! These guys just stood and smiled for the camera. I think I was more scared than they were :)0414150633aI covered seven miles at an 8:00-ish pace. I guess I have the exact stats on my Garmin, but I don’t really look at my splits too much unless I’m doing a specific track workout or race. How often you guys upload/analyze your Garmin stats?

I’m in an especially good mood today because Anthony is coming home! He’s been out of town for the past couple nights, so we made sure to plan a date night before his departure. Our destination: the very romantic Thai Phooket in (barely) East Nashville. East-Nashville-3(image: Nashville Guru)

So yes, it’s basically a restaurant inside a mobile home right off the interstate. BUT, everyone raves about how delicious Thai Phooket is, so Anthony and I decided to give it a try.thai_phooket_nashvilleWe started off with an order of summer rolls. You could tell all of the veggies and herbs inside were so fresh! Although everything we ordered was good, these rolls ended up being our favorite.thai_phooket_nashville spring rollsWe split an order of drunken noodles (pictured below) and red curry as our main meal. The noodles were pretty spicy — I actually broke a sweat eating them and had to order a beer to help cool down :)thai_phooket_nashville drunken noodlesThai Phooket is a winner! Don’t let its dumpy exterior fool you; inside, this place serves up magically wonderful meals.

And now I’m off for a short run. Have a great day!

  • Locals: Have you been to Thai Phooket? Thoughts?
  • Last wild animal you spotted on a run?
  • How often do you and your significant other have date night?

7 thoughts on “wildlife run + thai phooket

  1. I’ve wanted to try Thai Phooket, but been hesitant. Thanks so much for the review!!
    I saw deer this week. I think the warmer weather has them out and about.
    We try to have a dinner date once a week, but it’s been a while since we dressed up for a special date.

    • haha, you definitely don’t have to dress up for thai phooket :). they have lots of vegetarian options, too!

  2. We eat at Thai Phooket at least once a month! It’s one of our go to restaurants when we’re feeling too lazy to cook dinner at home!
    Unrelated: I’ve started waking up in the morning to run (if you consider 1 mile a run). When I can run further, I’m going to bug you for another morning run together! :)

    • go you! i hope you’re digging the morning run — i know that for me, it makes me feel better for the rest of the day :) definitely let me know when you’re up for a jog!

  3. I saw a few deer just munching on someone’s lawn the other day while out for a walk. It was pretty cool, even though I know it means we have a huge deer problem. When I lived in Michigan, sometimes I would see large turtles just chilling, which was always cool.