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GetFit615 review: back to the basics

Earlier this week, I had the chance to check out GetFit615!get fit 615 getfit615 fitness studio nashvilleLed by fitness guru Kate Moore, GetFit615 started as a simple movement a while back. Through events, social media, and promotions, Kate helped encourage Nashvillians to stay active and support studios in the area. Last fall, Kate quit her job in the music industry to open up her own space! GetFit615 is located in the basement of the Shakti Yoga building near Music Row.get fit 615 getfit615 fitness studio nashville
The studio is small, but classes usually only have up to 15 members so it works. I went on a Monday evening and there were about six of us in the class — all women, coincidentally. #girlpowerget fit 615 getfit615 fitness studio nashvilleGetFit615 has all of the basic weights, plus TRX bands,boxes,  two rowers, a spin bike. No showers, but there are cubbies to store your things and a small bathroom.get fit 615 getfit615 fitness studio nashvilleOur class started right on time, which I appreciated! Kate walked us through the movements and reminded us to focus on form.get fit 615 getfit615 fitness studio nashville
It seemed like many of the class members were relatively new to this type of workout, so she kept the lineup of exercises pretty basic: sit ups, push ups, lunges, etc. Classic!get fit 615 getfit615 fitness studio nashvilleAnd then it was time to get going! We went through the above circuit as many times as we could in 30 minutes. Kate played some fun music to keep us going and coached us along the way.

Everyone got to go at their own pace, so this was a get-what-you-put-into-it kind of workout. I tried to push myself hard! Especially on the push ups, which were tough. Kate came up with some modifications to make doing 45+ push ups doable for me.

I did take it easy on the sprints, which we did in the alley/sidewalks/parking lot outside of the studio. Since it was drizzling outside and I wasn’t wearing running shoes, I found that the brick alley and gravel parking lot were slick and messy to run on. Luckily, I didn’t fall — though I’m sure we all tracked a lot of mud into the studio. I’m a bit of a germaphobe, so I can’t say I loved doing burpees on the dirty floor after.

But anyways: Overall it was a solid workout with a good mix of strength and cardio. Could I have made this routine up myself and done it at the gym? Yes, definitely. But, it was nice to have the support of a group and instructor encouraging me along the way. I clearly worked up a good sweat — and managed to get rained on as well. :)get fit 615 getfit615 fitness studio nashvilleAfter the workout, Kate took us through a quick cool-down before ending class right on time, which I appreciated. Solid workout done, in 45 minutes!

Here’s the final rundown:

  • Website: http://www.getfit615.com/
  • Social media: FB, Insta, Twitter. (Love their Instagram!)
  • Class I attended: HIITFit615
  • Class duration: 45 minutes
  • GetFit615 pricing: $5-$18 per class, depending on membership
  • Calories burned: 250
  • Difficulty: 6
  • Good for: People new to working out, people who like working out in small groups, people who like variety (the GetFit615 schedule has a slightly different style of workout offered every day, from TRX to HIIT), people who are short on time and want a quick workout
  • Logistics: Classes offered every day (nice!), with parking in the Shakti lot.
  • Bring: Water, or a water bottle. GetFit has a water cooler and complimentary towels.
  • Music: Fun girly pop.
  • Vibe: Tight-knit, laid-back community. Everyone was super nice. Bonus points for Kate, who somehow remembers all of her students’ names.
  • Would I sign up for a membership? GetFit615 is priced competitively, and I do like that they offer classes seven days a week. I think I’d need to try out another class to be convinced it was right for me — but I’d definitely recommend it to my friends who are new to working out or have trouble motivating themselves to get to the gym. With class times ranging from 6:15 am to 6:45 pm, there’s something for everyone! It’s located on the west side of town, so it might not make sense for East Nashvillians, logistically.
  • Was I sore the next day? Actually, yes. A little bit in my chest and shoulders — I’m blaming that on those push ups!Capture

Thanks for having me, GetFit615! Love what you’re doing for Nashville. Keep it up.get fit 615 getfit615 fitness studio nashville

  •  Locals: What fitness studio(s) do you belong to?
  • Do you stick to the “basics,” or tend to try new exercises often?
  • How long does your typical workout last?

One thought on “GetFit615 review: back to the basics

  1. Our class was totally different! We did a lot of laps, hill springs, etc. Six different stations, three different workouts at each; you did a total of two sets of each of the 3 workouts per station before rotating. I liked how she changed it up and kept it moving so I didn’t get bored! And the 90’s music selection was clutch.