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Holy moly, it’s Friday. Where did this week go?! I have a few things to catch you up on. First, I wanted to let you know that I haven’t abandoned my homemade KIND bar experiments (If you’re catching up, here’s round 1, 2, and 3). This week I tried following this super-specific KIND bar recipe with some success.homemade_kind_barsStill a little on the goopy side, but I’m getting closer! Apparently I needed to heat the brown rice syrup to an EXACT 260 degrees, which I’m guessing I didn’t. So I just ordered a hardcore candy thermometer (because I’m crazy) and am going to give this recipe another try over the weekend. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Another new food adventure I tried this week: the New York Times’ whole wheat quiche crust.bacon quiche with green saladI thought that the requested refrigeration time for the dough was a bit outrageous — TWO DAYS overnight?! — so I skipped the second overnight fridge session. Still turned out great! Fluffier and lighter than the usual quiche crust recipe I make. bacon quiche with green saladI filled the quiche with bacon, spinach, and a sprinkle of cheddar. I taste-tested it solo since Anthony was out of town the first night I made it — but there were plenty of leftovers for us to enjoy when he got home on Wednesday :)bacon quiche with green saladWhat’s that weird dark blob on the side of my plate? Buttered black Russian bread. Fellow bread makers: you’ve got to try this weirdly delicious fennel/coffee/cocoa loaf._DSC0206This post is getting long, but I still have to squeeze in some runs! It’s been rainy and storming this week. Lots of thick, grey air in the morning.0415150716a I did manage to spot a bit of color during Wednesday’s run, though!0415150721aAnd on Thursday evening, I met up with my friend Lizzie for a track workout. BUT, the track was reserved by some kids’ running club and we got kicked out as soon as we arrived. #rebels0408150651fWe didn’t let the conditions stop us from doing our speed work, though. We found a flat parking lot and did 200-meter dashes from the lot and onto Main Street. Let me tell you, it was scenic. 0416151852aThe workout: 15×200, aiming for 40-43 seconds per rep. One-minute rest in between. Even though our “track” was a bit unconventional, we managed to finish the workout and hit our goal times! I was beat by the end. PS that abandoned chair pad was our official start/end point. Ha.0416151909 Jogging back home through quiet neighborhood streets, I could smell the freshness of spring in all the trees and it was lovely. 0416151929aThe end.

  • Last time you got kicked out of somewhere?
  • Favorite quiche topping?
  • Do you have any tricks/recipes for homemade granola bars similar to KIND bars? Please share :)

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  1. Candy thermometers are pretty key for Kind bars. In the past, I’ve tried both baking the bars and melting the sugar/syrup on the stove, and prefer the stove version. Going over 260 degrees is fine, but every time I got eager and took the syrup off the stove too soon, it just turned into a goopy mess. Good luck!