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saturday so far

Hello! I’ve found a spare moment this Saturday and thought I’d pop in and say hello. How’s your weekend going? Ours kicked off with a cocktail last night!whiskey sour cocktails outsideEver since we took the USN cocktail class a while back, Anthony’s been hooked on mixology. He’s turning into quite the bartender! :)

We had a much-needed low-key night on the couch last night and finally got around to watching Interstellar. After sitting and watching the nearly THREE-HOUR movie, we both agreed that it was… well, far less than stellar. Anyone else think this movie was unnecessarily complicated and depressing?! Oh well.

We cheered up when we got outside for a run this morning! Most of my Saturday running buddies are in Boston this weekend (yay!) so Anthony and I just did our own thing.0418150956aWe parked near Stones River GREENway, which lived up to its name! After a dull winter, everything was super saturated for spring. stones river greenway running and biking trail in nashville/donelson TNThis part of the greenway is full of rolling hills, but I like it because there’s a lot of windy paths and changes of scenery. For example, this lovely bridge along the water… stones river greenway running and biking trail in nashville/donelson TNAnthony and I took it pretty easy — after a race last weekend, a long hike, a new workout class, and a few other runs this week, my legs were beat! It was nice to just run at an easy pace and stop for breaks whenever we felt like it. stones river greenway running and biking trail in nashville/donelson TN13 miles in the books! For one of the first humid runs of the season and for such a hilly route, I’m pretty happy with how we did. 0418150956After the run we ran (well, walked) a few errands (in our sweaty apparel, no shame) and then came home to EAT. We were rungry. Leftover quiche, a few grapes, and a glass of watermelon juice! I spontaneously bought a huge watermelon the other day and needed to use it up before it got too mushy. I tossed in a few mint leaves into the juicer, too — yum.bacon spinach quiche with fresh watermelon juice! nomNow that I’ve run, grocery shopped, showered, eaten, and typed up this post, I feel like I deserve a nap. Best Saturday routine :) Goodnight!

  • Anyone else not like Interstellar?
  • Are you doing BOSTON on Monday?!
  • Favorite type of juice?

4 thoughts on “saturday so far

  1. I liked interstellar up until the end. Then when it got all worm-holey and “it was ME” I was over it. That was a bit too much for me. And it was SO long!

    No to Boston, but I will be next year! Hooray!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Fresh watermelon juice sounds so good! Everything in blooming in Cleveland, and runs feel so much better when there’s greenery to look at. I know nothing about Interstellar, but I find most movies over two hours have serious pacing issues.