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weekend recap: birthday party, blogger party

Marathon Monday! I’m so excited for everyone running Boston today. I’ve got my Boston Marathon app loaded with multiple friends’ bib numbers and am looking forward to tracking them :)

How was the rest of your weekend? After Saturday’s run, Anthony and I had a full schedule of fun planned. First, a stop at Woodland Wine for their weekly tasting. We try to go almost every Saturday! We sipped a selection of Spanish wines and actually ended up purchasing a bottle of this rioja –which I packed in my bag to take to my second party of the night._DSC0219But first, the first party! Literally. My niece just turned one! The whole fam got together at a local park for flower-picking (or flower eating?), ball-tossing, pizza, and cupcakes. Luckily the rain held off for the occasion._DSC0229Then I was off to party #2: Brita’s blogger dinner! She invited Ashley, Phillip, and I over for a home-cooked meal at her beautiful kitchen table._DSC0247We started off with some yummy basil-cucumber cocktails. Don’t mind if I do…_DSC0243Plus some stuffed shrooms! You’ll have to check Brita’s blog for the recipe, but I’m pretty sure there was goat cheese in there. Yum._DSC0244The best part about dining with a bunch of food bloggers? It’s totally not weird to take hundreds of photos of your food. Or even take photos of each other taking photos. Here’s the crew in action….2015-04-18For the main event, Brita whipped up a quiche and green-on-greens salad. Peas and asparagus hiding in there!_DSC0257Over dinner, we talked blogging, food, Nashville, and so much more. Though it’s fun interacting with you (yes, you!) and others over the interwebs, I do love getting together for a face-to-face hangout._DSC0262Here’s the group! Brita, Phillip, me, and Ashleynashville_food_bloggers_DSC0274Thanks to Brita for hosting us, as well as to her friend who took photos throughout the evening (just in case the four of us didn’t snap enough ourselves. HA.).

And now it’s time to start this magically run-derful Monday. GooooOOOOooooo Boston!

  • Are you following anyone at Boston today?
  • Fellow bloggers: Do you get embarrassed or nervous to take photos of every single thing around other people? (I used to, but now have no shame)
  • Tell me the highlight of your weekend!

5 thoughts on “weekend recap: birthday party, blogger party

  1. Yay blogger hangouts!!! I can’t wait for our blogger supers! :) I feel so much more secure in my obsessive food photo taking now

  2. I always feel so self-conscious about taking photos, especially if I want them specifically for my blog. I’m jealous of all your meet-ups – I need to try to find some bloggers in Cleveland!

    • go for it! i sometimes read poise in parma — i think she actually organizes some cleveland blogger events!