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butchertown hall review + a morning run

Good morning! Is your Tuesday looking bright?0421150630bMine is. Bright and GREEN! It was weirdly cool outside today — like 42 degrees. Everything felt crisp.0421150635I covered seven miles through Shelby Park, and picked up the pace every half mile for miles 2-6. Beautiful bridge! 0421150630Tomorrow I might do an easy run or go to the gym; Thursday I’ll head to the track; and Friday I’ll probably take off. As for Saturday… does anyone happen to have a Rock ‘n’ Roll Music City half marathon bib that they’d like to donate? I’ve got the race bug.

And luckily, I don’t have a stomach bug. We had an interesting experience at Butchertown Hall on Sunday night.butchertown hall restaurant in nashville's germantown neighborhoodThis new Germantown restaurant/”meat market” has gotten solid reviews thus farbutchertown hall restaurant in nashville's germantown neighborhood. We met up with our friends Tracee and Tony to check it out.butchertown hall restaurant in nashville's germantown neighborhoodThe space is really charming inside; full of old wooden tables and rustic decor. We started off with a couple of drinks (tons of beer on tap!) and were sad to realize that they were out of the wine they recommended to Tracee. They were also out of the steak the waiter recommended to Anthony and me, which they told us about ten minutes after we ordered it. Not a huge deal, but…

Then all of the food came out! All of it except for our appetizers, which actually arrived after our entrees. Hmm?butchertown hall restaurant in nashville's germantown neighborhoodSince the steak was a no-go, Anthony and I settled on the chicken and sausage plate. It was good! I think my favorite menu item of the night, though, was the fresh tortillas. butchertown hall restaurant in nashville's germantown neighborhoodOur not-so-seamless dinner experience hit a new low point when Tony cut into his pork chop… and realized it was completely raw in the center. Oops.

We alerted the waiter who seemed completely baffled by the whole thing. Within a few minutes the Butchertown Hall manager was at our table, telling us that a new pork chop was on its way and that our entire meal would be covered. He seemed sincerely sorry for the whole thing. At that point, all we could do was laugh. What a series of events!

I can’t say that I’d rush back to Butchertown Hall, but I might be willing to give this place another shot in the future. It seemed like we just happened to run into some bad luck!

Nothing that a little ice cream can’t fix, though. After a so-so meal, we ended on a sweet note. Do I have a Talenti addiction? Nah._DSC0302I’m ending this post with a few announcements!


  • Anyone have an extra bib for the Music City half marathon :)
  • Favorite Talenti flavor?
  • Locals: Have you been to Butchertown Hall yet?


5 thoughts on “butchertown hall review + a morning run

  1. Hey Mary! I actually may have a bib I’d be happy for you to use this weekend. Email me and we can figure out the details if you want it!

    Also, bummer about your Butchertown hall experience, I’ve been wanting to try it, hopefully it was just an off night for them!

  2. Yikes! Maybe they are still working out their kinks. My co-worker went over the weekend and said it was amazing, but now I’m second-guessing giving it a visit until they work some things out. Thanks for the heads up! Have you heard of the new Ember’s Ski Lodge? Definitely want to try that!

  3. I HATE when restaurants bring out the apps after your entree is served. When I order appetizers now I always say ‘can we have blah blah dish TO START, and then for my entree…” because I’ve been served apps after meals so many times. That’s my rant. But oh, nice views on your run :)