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ZOOMA Nashville discount code & a street furniture find

Hello there! I don’t have a morning run to share with you today since I’m resting up for the race on Saturday. The forecast is looking GREAT and I came down with a nasty cold yesterday. All in all, perfect circumstances for a half marathon 😉weather

Rewinding back to Monday — Anthony and I made it out for an evening jog through East Nashville. Over the tracks! 0420151837We spotted some lovely street furniture. This incredible couch is on Riverside Drive. Its earthy color blends right in with the surrounding shrubbery, don’t you think?0420151850aAnthony and I are definitely more morning people than evening people when it comes to working out, so I’m glad we had each other as accountability partners to get this after-work run accomplished! We’re a team. We also like to wear matching grey shirts.0420151849bAnd hey! Here’s another team I’m on as of late. Meet your Nashville ZOOMA Women’s Race Series ambassadors:0422151944ZOOMA is coming to Nashvegas in the fall, so we all got together last night to say hello and talk running. FYI, the Competitor Women’s Running half marathon is NOT coming back in 2015, so this is your key fall race! I can’t wait to run it. I had a great experience with ZOOMA in Annapolis a couple years back.

When there’s a sea of calamari in front of me, I am happy.amerigo_nashville_DSC0009By the way, if you want to run ZOOMA Nashville here’s a 10% discount code for ya: MARY15 :)

I’m off to pick up some Sudafed and do an anti-rain dance. Have a great day!

  • Have you ever run a ZOOMA race?
  • Locals: Are y’all running this weekend? Scared of the forecast?
  • Morning or evening runner?


7 thoughts on “ZOOMA Nashville discount code & a street furniture find

  1. Rainy race days are the worst … Especially when the days before the race AND after the race are perfect.

    That’s what I’ll be dealing with in Champaign as well!

    Random … But what do you usually do sock-wise? Trying to figure out the best way to avoid soggy feet!

    • it’s sunny and 60 degrees right now! what a shame, haha. good luck in your race, too!

      i don’t have any deep sock wisdom — they all get wet as far as i know, haha. i do like swiftwick socks though — they’re lighter and thinner and slightly more water-wicking than other brands IMO

  2. Ran the RNR half in D.C. last month in the rain and it was by far the hardest race I’ve done. Races like that remind you that some factors are out of your control, but when the weather is in your favor, it’s always so much better for your spirit and your goals.

    • i heard that was a tough one! i’ve actually never done a super rainy race so am weirdly excited to try that out tomorrow :)