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CM half marathon 2015: well, that was a bad idea

On Saturday, I ran the Country Music half marathon!country music half marathon 2015It was kind of a bad idea. Mainly because I’d been sick for three days before the race and could barely breathe through my nose when I got to the start line. Sooo…. yeah.country music half marathon 2015At least the weather held off, though! We were supposed to get heavy thunderstorms but I didn’t even feel a single drop of rain. All I felt was my whole body being like “noooooooo, why are you doing this” during every single step of the race.

I could give you a mile by mile recap, but basically the story was like this: I started off with two really great miles, then realized that I was definitely not well enough to hold a 7:00 pace. Then I hung around 8:00/mile for a few more miles before I really started tanking. I had a terrible headache; my chest felt like there was a bag of bricks sitting on it. Also, I could still not breathe through my nose and my throat felt like there was GU permanently flowing through it. Yep.country_music_half_marathon_2015DSC00005By mile 8 I knew I was done. I haven’t hit the wall since the Gettysburg Marathon a few years ago, and now remember just how miserable humbling it feels. I even considered dropping out of the race for a bit, but decided to plow my way through to the finish line at whatever pace I could muster. It was a weird feeling — even though my Garmin said I was well in the 8-9 minute/mile range, I felt like I was sprinting at a 5-minute pace. My whole body was just exhausted. This wasn’t mind-over-body situation, it was 100% body-over-mind.

Since I knew that I was physically way out of whack, I didn’t feel bad for stopping and walking a few times. A lot of runners would pass and encourage me to keep running or pick it up; but then one runner just said, “It’s okay to walk.” That was my favorite. I even teared up a little bit (don’t worry, I cry in like 75% of races).country music half marathon 2015Anyways, I finally made it to the finish line! It was slow and really painful but I did it. I grabbed a banana and took a frowny photo for y’all before heading home, going through another box of Kleenex, and taking a nice long nap. 1:48:19 — my second-slowest half marathon to date.country music half marathon 2015What’s crazy is that even though I ran a good 1-1.5 minutes slower than my goal pace and was more than capable of running 13 miles, I was really sore on Sunday. Even today, I’m still a bit achy. I guess that’s a sign that I gave it everything I could!

Even though I bombed it, I still don’t feel so bad about how I did in this race. Though I do feel a bit mad at my stubborn self for making myself run it. Next time I’ve got a nasty cold, I promise to stay clear of start lines. The end :)

23 thoughts on “CM half marathon 2015: well, that was a bad idea

  1. That’s still an impressive finish time!! I haven’t heard anyone say that they had a great race. It was just humid and allergies are bad right now.
    I hope you feel better quickly!!!

  2. I had a really rough country music too. I was looking at a PR after the first 6 miles but had to walk most of the last 4 miles due to a minor injury. My legs are freakishly sore too. I guess that course is tougher than we give it credit for. Instead of being disappointed with your time, be proud that you pushed through and finished!

  3. Hey that sounds exactly my CMM! It was supposed to be my first marathon, but I had to stop at the half. It was my second slowest half as well. It was tough this year! I’m also still sore!

  4. I hope you’re feeling better!

    On the bright side … At least it didn’t rain :) I ran the Illinois Marathon on Saturday and it was horrendous out … To the point where they officially cancelled the marathon due to how bad the storms were getting. We all ended up trudging through the rain and finished, but yikes.

    • yikes — that sounds awful! glad you were able to run it anyways. and that you didn’t get struck by lightening.

  5. SO sorry to hear that you were sick but you still killed the race!! At least in my eyes :) I’m super impressed that you pushed through even though you felt so bad. I’m also really glad that the weather held up for y’all and didn’t end up raining!

  6. Definitely know how you feel! My last half marathon was the DC RNR; the combination of really terrible rain and cold, plus the onset of shin splints, led to my worst time ever. It was also the first race I stopped to walk. But even though it wasn’t my best, I felt that much more determined to get back out there for my next race. Looking back, that race reminded me why I run: it’s not always easy, but the fact that we get out to the starting line even on days when we know it might not be our 100% best is a testament to endurance.

    • thanks for the encouragement :) yeah, i’m more determined than ever to nail my next half marathon (in june)!

  7. Sad I wasn’t able to run into you this weekend based off our pics I think we were pretty close. Maybe next time! Also, way to rock it while being sick. I can’t even imagine. Also, I am ridiculously sore today. Stairs are a challenge. I agree with you it is a sign we gave it our all :)

    • yes — sorry we didn’t end up getting together! next time for sure. seems like a lot of people had a tough race. those hills and humidity must have been tougher than i thought!

  8. Oh no’s!

    I remember my last half I ran in the fall, I felt SO sick. It ended up being the tail end of a cold but I remember starting that race feeling like I was going to throw up/die. Luckily it began to rain and the humidity wasn’t as bad after. If it was humid, I probably would have barfed.

    I’ve been sick all week. Finally started to get better this weekend. This cold has been awful!

    • sorry to hear you’re sick. i hope i haven’t passed germs through my blog somehow 😉 hang in there!

  9. Oh man, sorry to hear you felt so terrible during the race, but that’s an impressive time considering everything you had working against you! Hope all of these allergies and sinus issues going around clear up soon, what a pain!

  10. So sorry! But I had to laugh because I would be estatic with that run time. I hope I might reach it one day! Hope you are feeling better.

  11. That time would be a PR for me….my best half is 1:59! Way to go! Just found your blog again………I live in Chattanooga but we often come to Brentwood to visit family……….I love Nashville! And I ran CMM half in 2013……..right after the Boston attacks……….it poured that year!