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Good morning!0428150623 First, thanks to you all for the kind comments on my half marathon fail post yesterday :) I feel so much better! (Mentally and physically — yay). Good enough to go for a run this morning. I might have had a little pace point to prove to myself. 0428150701It’s weirdly cool in Nashville right now, but nice nonetheless. I did a loop around East Nashville and through Shelby Park.

Fun fact: Shelby Park was like 50% responsible for Anthony and I’s decision to settle on the east side of town (sort of like the Mt. Vernon trail and Rock Creek Park were big reasons for choosing Arlington and Adams Morgan when we lived in DC!). I love Nashville, but I don’t think the west side of this city has that much in terms of parks and trails. Unless, of course, you can afford to live in Belle Meade :)0428150627Anyways — speaking of luxurious living… Anthony and I took a walk the other night and found this beautiful collection of street furniture. Love my neighborhood.0426151724aOur destination: Lizzie’s house! She and her boyfriend had us over for a home-based happy hour. Give me a table full of snacks and drinks and I am a happy lady. Especially if the drinks are double-strong margaritas.20150426_181750Sometimes we eat actual meals, too. On the menu lately: grilled everything. Grilling = less time, fewer dishes. Win-win!lemon garlic grilled chicken with sweet potato and saladI marinated some chicken in a lemon-garlic goodness, and then had Anthony char it up real nice on the barby. He’s Australian, so barbecue skills are embedded in his DNA.

On the side: a double-baked sweet potato and simple salad. Dinner, done!lemon garlic grilled chicken with sweet potato and saladAnd this post is done, too. Time to get this day started!

  • Grilling recipe suggestions?
  • Favorite snack of ALL TIME?
  • What was the most important factor you looked for when you chose your neighborhood?

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  1. Favorite snack of ALL TIME is tough.. I’d have to say chips & guac, but I’m really a fan of any kind of chip/dip combo.

    We love to grill anything and everything… We recently got a grill basket for vegetables so we are getting good use out of that!

    We are renting our house now, but we are in a family oriented neighborhood which was important to me. Also, there is room to run. I remember calculating the distance around the block before we moved in to make sure it was at least a mile so I wouldn’t have to do a billion laps to get a good run in.

  2. Living close enough to the lake so I could go running AND living close enough to my mom so she could take care of my dog when I travel :)

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  3. We don’t have a grill, but I’m hoping to get one when we buy a house. That chicken looks grilled to perfection! Part of my reason for choosing my apartment in Michigan was it was a 5 minute run from a 40 mile rail trail – it was awesome!