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the usual: run + mexican food.

We’re halfway through the week! It’s been a while since I met up with East Nasty for their Wednesday morning run, so today I got out extra early to get there on time. Is anyone else as happy as I am that the sunrise is at 5:40 these days? Pretty sure most of the world is asleep, but Anthony and I wide awake and loving it.0429150549Today’s route took us downtown. There’s something special about being on Broadway when it’s 100% empty. (Except for that oncoming traffic… don’t worry, I dodged it.) PS, is it dorky to wear your watch outside of your sleeve? I’m trying to start a new fashion trend.0429150620aThen back over the bridge and toward home. Nice seeing you this morning, Nashville.0429150625 I usually limit myself to three photos per run, but I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of these beauties. 0429150640Nine miles, done! I’m feeling back to normal after coming down with a cold last week. And feeling ready for my 5k this weekend!

In other news, it’s an official fact: Anthony and I could eat Mexican food every day for the rest of our lives. (Our longest streak to date: 10 days straight on our honeymoon)slow cooker chicken verde with beans and mexican riceI had some verde sauce leftover and frozen from when I made enchiladas a while back. I tossed it in the slow cooker with some chicken, cooked up some Mexican brown rice, and called it dinner! slow cooker chicken verde with beans and mexican riceFor the rice: I pre-cooked it, and then mixed it with jalepenos, tomatoes, onion, and spices in a stove-top pan to dry it out a bit and give it that crispy texture. Topped with some sauteed bell peppers for some veggie power.

Speaking of rice, by the way: I listened to this podcast yesterday and found the brown rice taste test quite fascinating (as well as the segment on the pork industry.)

A couple of tortilla chips may have found their way onto our plates, too. Crunch!slow cooker chicken verde with beans and mexican riceAdios amigos!

  • Locals: Recommendations for things to do between Nashville and Dayton, TN? That’s where our race is and it appears to be in the middle of nowhere.
  • Favorite cooking show/podcast?
  • Other running bloggers: Do you take photos on your run? If so, how many?

10 thoughts on “the usual: run + mexican food.

  1. I don’t normally take pictures on my run, but I really need to try being better about that. I know you don’t normally run with music anymore – so do you just carry your phone with you still to take photos? I only have mine with me if I decide to listen to music and then I just forgot about taking photos as well.

  2. If you drive through Cincinnati, check out Hofbrauhaus Newport! Its a GREAT time! It’s a huge restaurant (it’s so large I don’t even know if I’d call it a restaurant as much as an entertainment hall) with large long tables, lots of steins of beer, and large portions of German food (normally, I highly dislike German food but this place is worth the Bavarian pretzel). Thai 9 in Dayton is also a great Thai & sushi restaurant.

    Also–just a heads up: Louisville may be pretty crazy this weekend since it’s the Kentucky Derby. I would steer clear of there unless you want to check out the race (which would be fun too!)!

    Enjoy your trip!

    • WISH I was going to Dayton OH, but I’m actually off to Dayton, TN ;). Ha! However, I might be headed toward Cleveland this summer/fall so will keep these recommendations tucked away for the future!

  3. Ahhhh seeing downtown makes me miss Nashville even more.

    I agree on Mexican. I had it on Friday (Taco Mamacita) and then again on Saturday night (Bajo Sexto). Yummy! Margs and mexican – doesn’t get much better.

  4. Question: What do you use to hold your phone when you run? I used to have a SPIbelt that I LOVED but not sure my phone would fit so well in there, as big as iPhones have gotten.