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8 ways to become a morning person

Hello! I’m up bright and early writing this post because I am a morning person. Which leads me to today’s topic: how to become a morning person. I actually wrote about this a while back, but a reader question inspired me to re-visit the topic.0316150650The short answer: Alarm clock + coffee – sleep. If you want the longer answer you can keep reading.

1. Have an accountability partner. Make plans with a friend for an early-morning run or workout, and hold each other to it! My friends and I often meet on dark street corners at 5 am, so the thought of leaving a good friend abandoned there will definitely get me out the door.IMG_55472. Make evening plans. This one is sort of weird, but I find that I’m more consistent about squeezing in a morning run if I know that there’s no backup plan. If I make plans for drinks or dinner after work, I won’t be able to tell myself that I’ll just “do it later today” when I’m laying in bed. So basically, if you want to exercise more than you should have happy hour daily.whiskey sour cocktails outside3. Imagine yourself 5 hours from now. This one is also weird, so let’s just go ahead and apply that to the rest of this list too. Sometimes when I’m laying there at 5 am wanting to go back to sleep but knowing that I should go for a run, I’ll imagine myself sitting at my desk around 3 pm — feeling really crappy that I overslept (and then I wake up and run). OR, if I know I’m actually sore or tired and should, in fact, keep sleeping, I’ll imagine myself sitting at my desk around 3 pm — feeling completely exhausted (and then I go back to bed). Does that even make sense? A wise person once told me:beyonce-quote-hrs

4. Give yourself a treat. When Anthony and I started dating, I thought it was weird that he took time to eat breakfast and read the paper before he went to the gym/on a run. He kept telling me that it gave him something to “look forward to” when he woke up, and made him a more dedicated morning person. Truth! I eventually adopted his routine — now, I eat a snack, have coffee, and spend some time blogging/catching up on emails before I head out on my run. Our little morning “quiet time” is actually one Anthony and my favorite parts of the day — and the thought of sweatpants and coffee helps inspire me to get my butt out of bed._DSC00365. Be okay with being lame. This is a no-brainer, but: To wake up early, you have to go to bed early. And sometimes, going to bed early means being kind of lame. Anthony and I typically wake up around 5 am, so we try to be in bed by 10 at the very latest (9:15 on a good day!). Whenever I’m feeling down about missing out on the late night fun, I just remind myself: The early bird gets the street furniture. PS — this is a recent find from Brita! Thanks for sending this in, girl. IMG_34187. Start a blog. Joking, but not joking. You guys are my accountability partners! If I don’t run in the morning I have nothing to write about. And when I have nothing to write about, rambling posts like this happen (I know you want to click, but don’t. I think that might be the worst post I ever wrote.) But seriously. You don’t have to actually start a blog, but community boards like Strava & MapMyRun can help you stay on track. I swear that some of my friend be like:Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 4.49.49 PM8. Find another morning person and marry them. Also joking but not joking. I honestly don’t think I could have married a night owl! First, we would never see each other and second, he would be able to stay awake until 10 and thus spoil each episode of The Bachelor before I even got to watch it. Not cool. Being in the same routine as my spouse has helped me stay more consistent when it comes to getting to bed and getting up early. Fun fact: My first date with Anthony was a 6 a.m. run. #destiny0420151849bAnd those are my secrets! Try setting your alarm a bit earlier and see all that you can accomplish while the rest of the world is asleep.

  • Any tips that I’m missing?
  • Any other topics you’d like me to write about?
  • Tell me the most exciting thing you have planned for this weekend!


19 thoughts on “8 ways to become a morning person

  1. Great tips! Even though I’m a morning person, it’s still tough somwtimes. I meet up with friends and make sure to lay everything out the night before.
    Weekend: volunteering for the GOTR 5k and then heading to LA!

  2. #4 is my favorite! A couple months ago I decided to spend 45-60 minutes each morning doing a mixture of the following things:
    watching the news (I am obsessed with Chris Cuomo on New Day)
    random little chores
    catching up on blogs

    and it has completely revolutionized my life. It is so much better than rolling out of bed and rushing to the gym or work. I like to ease into my day and not be go, go, go right away. I am actually excited to get out of bed in the morning to just spend time with me. :)

    • yes to chores! i do a lot of random chores in the early morning, too. it’s silly, but it makes me feel accomplished before i even really start my day. glad you found a routine that works for you.

  3. Ahh Mary, i made your Blog…that just made me smile. I have so missed our mornings runs but I am back to running 4 miles now and only a little walking on hills since my calves need to get stronger. I am ready to get back to morning runs soon with you !! if i can keep up!! I love morning runs and being a morning person..my tip is to get enough sleep to be able to get up early.

    • you’re famous! :) glad to hear that you’re getting back into it. yes — we should get together soon!

  4. “So basically, if you want to exercise more than you should have happy hour daily.”

    And this is why we’re friends.

    Although not sure I’m ever going to be a morning person. I got up three straight days at 6am this week, and it nearly killed me! Hope you can still find it in your heart to like me anyway.

    • I think I can still like you! :) Yeah, some people just say that they’re not morning people, and I think that’s fine. You have to do you. I’ve sort of always been more of a morning person “naturally,” but have become more hardcore about it over the years. And by hardcore I mean that yesterday I woke up at 4, went for a run, came home and showered, and then went back to bed for an hour. Madness.

  5. That last photo of you guys is so cute.

    I’m with a morning person, and while I do wake up a bit earlier because of him, I’m still not an early morning person. The early summer sun helps. Forget it in the winter.

  6. Yes to all of these! I like picturing myself coming home at the end of the workday and having the whole evening to do whatever. Also, running in the morning gives me this happy glowy feeling for the rest of the day.

  7. Nothing big planned for this weekend – I do need to get a run in tomorrow though. Maybe 10K? Yay! Next week is a 10K race though

  8. haha I love this post because I use all of these tips! (minus getting married)
    my “treat”is scrolling through my phone while laying in bed.

    other tips:
    1.buy new/fun coffee
    2.get excited about the run the night before (sounds weird but I swear it works for speed work)

  9. I like your tip about making evening plans! I think it will be easier for me to get up early when I move to a house. I have zero problem going to bed stupid early, but usually my neighbors don’t share that same sentiment.

  10. yay for street side piano furniture!! :) I really like the idea of treating yourself in the morning. I’m working really hard on being more of a morning person. It’s easier for me now that it’s warmer outside and the idea of getting out of the warm bed isn’t as miserable an idea. I’m hoping that by the time NEXT winter rolls around, I’ll love the morning and be okay getting up (even if it’s cold outside).

  11. Love these…you don’t even want to know how early I get up most days. It’s reassuring to know, though, that I am not the only one up super-early! For me, finding a 24 hour gym (yes, it’s THAT early…) has been essential, particularly one with branches in the two locations where I live / work the most. :)