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weekend recap: radnor lake in a sushi boat

Happy Sunday to you! It’s looking like an absolutely beautiful day out there. After I type up this post, I’m putting away the computer and going outside!

Yesterday was lovely too. Anthony and I headed to the Belle Meade area for a run with PR Bandits. We ran with this group last summer and are excited to see that they’re starting back up again!0502150810We started at Percy Warner Park and wove our way around some back roads to Radnor Lake.0502150810hTechnically, you’re not allowed to run in the Radnor Lake Park (isn’t that insane?!), but you can run the surrounding roads :) Check out that sun!0502150810gAnthony and I hung with a speedy club member named David. He pushed the pace a bit, but we were able to keep up! We only stopped once — to capture this amazing photo.0502150810jTwelve miles, done. We finished with an 8:08 average pace and I felt waaaaaaay better than I did during last week’s mess of a half marathon.0502150810kAnd if you thought those park pictures were pretty, wait until you see how beautiful our dinner was on Friday night:shiki_sushi_restaurant_franklin_tn__DSC0152Sushi overload! Anthony and I had a double date with my parents (who left the next morning for Mexico! Hi Mom and Dad!) and naturally chose to go to Shiki, one of our favorite spots. Don’t be fooled by this place’s unassuming exterior…shiki_sushi_restaurant_franklin_tn_DSC0146or by its festive interior. Shiki is serious when it comes to sushi!shiki_sushi_restaurant_franklin_tn__DSC0147We ordered way too much as usual. Favorites were the American roll and the Futomaki roll. So fresh!shiki_sushi_restaurant_franklin_tn__DSC0155We washed it all down with some Japanese beers — and then became such good friends with our waiter that he bought us a bottle of sake, too! Ha._DSC0149Sailing away on our sushi boat.20150501_203746And that’s all I’ve got for now! We’re cooking dinner for our neighbors tonight so I have a lot of enchiladas to make. Better get started!

  • Locals: Favorite Nashville sushi spot?
  • What was the weather like for your long run this weekend?
  • Does anyone have recommendations for cute yet practical running sunglasses? I need a new pair!

One thought on “weekend recap: radnor lake in a sushi boat

  1. I love love loev sushi! That dinner looks absolutely beautiful and delicious! We had a favorite sushi spot in Raleigh, but haven’t been going quite as frequently in an attempt to save some $$ lately.