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sun and steak.

The sun is most definitely out today! This morning’s run was the first one that felt slightly like summer. The heat is coming…0504150631It was still nice out, though. Six miles, with miles 2-5 at a “comfortably hard” pace. Plus a short rest to stop and smell the roses :)0504150623So, how was the rest of your weekend? Anthony and I kept it pretty low key around here. On Saturday night we were tempted to go out for a fancy meal… and then realized it’d be much cheaper and less stressful (because East Nashville restaurants are packed on weekends) to make fancy food ourselves.

Steak!!!!!grilled steak filet with roasted potatoes, salad, and wineAnthony’s been perfecting his grilling skillz and cooked these filets juuuust right. We used Cook’s Illustrated’s grilling tips for guidance. grilled steak filet with roasted potatoes, salad, and wineOn the side: rosemary potatoes and a salad (baby kale, mozzerella, and sundried tomatoes). Paired with some red wine. Fancy, indeed!grilled steak filet with roasted potatoes, salad, and wineOur night ended with a stroll over to the coffee shop around the corner. Tracee was playing in a songwriters’ round. You rocked it, Tracee!
Let’s rock, let’s rock, today.

  • What was your run like today?
  • Any other School of Rock fans out there?
  • Do you go out to eat or cook at home more?

6 thoughts on “sun and steak.

  1. Thanks, Mary! That steak looked really good! I’m curious what oil u use on your potatoes? Also, what temp did u bake them at?

    • olive oil! we baked them at 425 for 40 min and then at 500 for another 10 min to crisp them right up :)

  2. Those steak pictures are amazing! I haven’t run yet today – hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze one in tonight! Now that we have a kid, my husband and I eat at home a lot more than we used to. He’s been good for our bank accounts in that respect!

  3. I used to roast potatoes ALL THE TIME, but now I’ve discovered plantains and cook those with either breakfast or dinner every other day. So starchy and delicious.

    I wish I put in the effort and took the time to cook meals that look as tasty as yours do!

    • do you roast the plantains, or pan-fry them? i pan-fried them once and had to use a loooot of oil.