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internet and street furniture finds

Morning! I thought I’d kick off today with a few finds from around the interwebs:

Happy reading :). And happy running! Shelby Park was drenched in sunlight this morning.0505150632I took it nice and easy. Nothing spectacular about this run, other than the lovely television I saw on Eastland and Skyview. Sign says it’s free!0505150620aI didn’t really feel like running this morning, but found my groove after a few miles. Glad I got it over with!0505150657In other news: I met up with my friend Katie last night! She recently CRUSHED Boston and came in at 3:14. She is an amazing runner — and also an amazing cook! She whipped up a yummy honey-soy salad + grilled veggies and chicken._DSC0176_DSC0177I brought the other essentials (wine and dark chocolate) to round out a well-balanced meal :)_DSC0182Over dinner, Katie gave me a mile-by-mile recap of the entire race. We talked Boston for probably 90 minutes straight. I LOVE listening to race stories! I guess a lot of non-runners would think they’re boring, but I soak them right up.

And that’s it, guys! I’ll be back this afternoon with a Nashville fitness studio review :)

  • Running stories: boring or amazingly interesting?
  • Do you have a fun/interesting article to share? Please do.
  • Did you run Boston? If so, how’d you do?!

4 thoughts on “internet and street furniture finds

  1. Thanks so much for listening to me ramble about Boston last night. Grateful to have you as a running buddy! :)

  2. I watched Boston….I’m still a few years of solid training away before I come close to a BQ :-(

    No big running stories. I did run the other day on my usual path and was entertained by this small plane that kept doing circles over the airport that is across the river. Doing some sort of training I guess. Otherwise it is just me and the path….for miles :-)

  3. Some of my running podcasts just posted their Boston recaps, and I’ve had a great time listening to them all week. I’m a long way off from ever being able to qualify, so it’s fun to live through them vicariously.