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lastest running & cooking challenges

Greetings from my shadow and an almost camouflaged Anthony! Can you spot him?0507150639We headed to the track this morning for a sunny sprint sesh.0507150639aI had my LAST R-pace workout planned for today! A refresher on R pace, per the guidance of the coach I used to have and still keep in my head:

“R-pace (Reps) is a term derived from Daniels’ book and refers to a fast pace (approximately mile race pace) with a focus on proper running form. R-pace workouts are typically done early in the training year in order to build running economy, so that the longer intervals that come later will be less stressful to the body. The goal of R-pace is not necessarily to build fitness per se; however, fitness is gained indirectly. The goal of R-pace is to teach a runner how to run fast. Knowing how to run fast carries good mechanics into distance running, which then increases the pace of the long runs. That is the indirect way in which R-pace workouts increase fitness.”

My R pace workout today: 8x400m (that is, eight full laps around the track) with a 2:30 rest between each. Goal finish time was 85 seconds per lap (5:41 pace).0507150647My first seven sprints came in as follows: 86 seconds; 87 seconds; 88 seconds; 87 seconds; 88 seconds; 87 seconds; 86 seconds.

With one more lap to go, I was determined to hit 85!0507150655eLap #8: 85 seconds on the dot. It’s the little things in life :)

Other daunting challenge of the week: A stuffed pork tenderloin recipe from Cook’s Illustrated. This cookbook is my best friend. Actually, it was given to me by one of my best friends, Meredith! I like to wear my cupcake apron when I’m cooking with it so that I look like a real pro._DSC0201Anthony’s been out of town for the past couple nights so I made a special meal for his grand return! Wife of the year. Here’s the recipe — you have to have a Cook’s Illustrated subscription to view it, though. cooks_illustrated_stuffed_grilled_pork_tenderloin_DSC0204Basically, you take a pork tenderloin and thin it out with a meat tenderizer (great way to pound out some anxiety too, btw). Then you stuff it with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, and spinach… and then rollll it up and seal it tight with cooking twine. I’d never used cooking twine before so I was pretty pumped to try that. Exciting times, you guys!

Cook the pork on the grill for about 30 minute, let it rest, and serve it up! We thought it was pretty good. Though I can’t say that a stuffed pork tenderloin was all that tastier than a non-stuffed one? On the side: polenta (or should I say cheese grits, since we’re in the South?) and asparagus. This meal felt pretty fancy for a weeknight! It did take a bit of time to prepare, but I’d prepped many of the ingredients on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning so that it was quick to assemble.cooks_illustrated_stuffed_grilled_pork_tenderloin_DSC0211And that’s all I’ve got for you guys! Happy National Packaging Design Day.

  • Do you have a running coach?
  • How do you find time to cook on the weeknights?
  • Ever done an R-pace workout?

7 thoughts on “lastest running & cooking challenges

  1. Loving the ASPARAGUS which is now in season. A highlight of the finest months of the year. My aim is to eat the local sprouts every day until they peter out.

    • i’ve been in a breakfast rut lately so maybe i’ll get on the grits bandwagon! good idea :)

  2. Yum, that looks good!

    I don’t have a coach and I don’t cook. Haha, well I prepare things, but I don’t actually cook recipes and put in a lot of work. I mainly just make sweet potatoes, grilled chicken and vegetables. Easy peasy stuff :)

    I’ve never done an R-pace workout – it sounds intriguing!

  3. I feel like I may eventually need a coach if I ever want to BQ, but I figure I should try to get close to four hours on my own first. The pace for the workout sounds tough, but I like the idea of having such a long recovery relative to the interval!