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who said running is boring.

Happy Friday! I’m popping in to share some runs, and then have to run! Busy but exciting day ahead :)

On Fridays I usually head to the gym or do nothing. But today I felt like getting out there for a jog. It’s a gorgeous morning.0508150621Six mostly flat miles through Shelby Park. I said a cheerful hello to a lot of other runners, and then spewed out some loud curse words when I got chased by an unleashed dog. I’m sorry, dog people — but it’s just not okay to take your dog out without a leash.

Anyways, back to the pretty scenery:0508150642aDone and done! I really picked up the pace for the last few miles because I realized that I needed to get home and tend to the loaf of cinnamon raisin bread I’m making this morning (it’s in the oven now!). I’m taking the bread into my office today — because carbs are the secret to workplace success. 0508150705Rewinding to Wednesday. I didn’t go to serene Shelby Park — I went to South Inglewood, where the streets are always of full of fun. And furniture.0506150740aand… TURTLES?! What the heck is this about. I saw a real live turtle just hanging out on someone’s driveway. Poor guy.0506150738bI have no idea how to transition out of the turtle tangent, so let’s just randomly end this post with a selfie.

I got a new pair of running sunglasses. Or “sunnies,” as the Australians would say. The Oakley pulses have been awesome so far. 0506150718and that’s the week, you guys! Turtles, dogs, and street furniture. I don’t understand why people think that running is boring.

  • Ever gotten chased/bit by a dog on the run?
  • What brand of running sunglasses do you have?
  • What are you most looking forward to this weekend?!

3 thoughts on “who said running is boring.

  1. I was recently knocked over by a dog!! I came up beside this tiny little old lady and her big black dog and I am sure the dog thought I was going to hurt her so he jumped up and knocked me down. Luckily she pulled him back but whoa, I thought he was going to really attack me. I am sure he would have if she hadn’t been able to control him at all. He did bite my finger too, but not enough to draw blood. Dogs can be a scary thing. I don’t blame the dog though, he was doing his job persay.
    Your images are gorgeous!! I need to take more running photos.

  2. So question – getting chased by the dog. At what pace was that at? Did it get you to run faster? I’m trying to work on some visualization for my next race and think that might help. 😉 Jokes aside, glad you are okay and I agree, it’s not cool to not have your dog on a leash.

  3. My dog and I were chased/attacked by two BIG off leash dogs while we were on a walk once. Traumatizing for both of us, especially my poor pup who spent 8 hours in surgery getting all sorts of stitches.

    My running sunglasses are currently some obnoxiously bright knockoff Wayfarers I got at Walmart for $5.

    It’s supposed to hit 80 this weekend in Oregon which means ALL THE OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES!