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Happy Mother’s day to my mom, who taught me how to appreciate a good cocktail (among other things like how to live life). She’s actually in Mexico with my dad right now (they tend to do that often) so I hope she’s drinking a mother’s day margarita at this very moment.DSC0013As for Anthony and me, we’re right here at home. This is our only weekend in Nashville for the next FOUR weekends, so we’re soaking it up. A run through the city yesterday seemed fitting!0509150831We joined some of the PR Bandits for a long run. Even though we were “with” the group, there wasn’t anybody close to our pace range so we ended up doing the run solo. Most of the 7:45-8:15’ers ran Boston and are taking it easy now. Can’t wait until they come back!0509150753A stop at Bongo Java West for free water and a tri-berry Gu. There were a lot of weekend brunchers all dressed up sipping lattes at the coffee shop while Anthony and I sat with our sweaty selves and chugged water. How gourmet!0509150801I snapped one last picture at Broadway Street and then booked it home. It was getting reaaaallly hot out there and we wanted to get home ASAP.050915072314 miles, done! The heat got me in the end, but a cold shower seemed to fix me right up. Next week we’ve promised to start our run at 6 am, not 7 am, to beat the sun.

So let’s take a look at the biggest hamburger bun ever created:_DSC0322I followed this recipe from King Arthur but somehow the potato buns grew to a colossal size!! I’ve renamed them Bigger-than-Your-Face Buns.

They still tasted good, though. I cut a bun in half to make it more normal sized. Sandwiched in the middle: teriyaki turkey burgers! teriyaki_turkey_burgers_DSC0328We paired our burgers with simple veggie skewers (thanks for the inspiration, Katie!) and a drink. We’d popped into Woodland Wine yesterday for their weekly tasting and wound up buying a bottle of Sicilian vino. Fun fact: Anthony used to live in Sicily._DSC0278Do you like my new flowers? Saw these at the store yesterday and couldn’t resist their bright yellow happiness. teriyaki_turkey_burgers_DSC0326Anthony and I have a tendency to over-pile our burgers. Fork and knife were required to tackle this beast. teriyaki_turkey_burgers_DSC0330After such a big run and a big burger, we were somehow able to rally until almost midnight! I had tickets to see Tennis, a band I’ve loved listening to for the past few years. I’ve always wanted to see them in concert — they rocked it! The opener was terrible but worth suffering through :)0509152233aStill have this song stuck in my head this morning!

  • Any other Tennis fans out there?
  • How early do you start your weekend long runs?
  • Random: Have you tried Huma gels? We’re thinking of hopping off the Gu train for a new brand.

7 thoughts on “weekend check-in

  1. It really has gotten warm! I like to start my runs by 6am.
    I really like the huma gels. I still do Gus primarily, but add huma for variety.

  2. I switched from clif to huma and love them! I find that they’re a bit larger than others gels but the taste is just way more enjoyable.

  3. It doesn’t usually get too brutally hot here, even in the summer, so I often just grin and bear it in the middle of the day during my kiddos nap. If I want to do a long run before the kiddo gets up, I have to leave by 4 AM. That has happened exactly never :) Though I may have to do it this summer!

  4. I’ve been wondering this for forever, but would you be willing to share where your dining table is from? We are about to make one just like it but if that’s a disaster, might be good to know where we could purchase a backup :) Thanks!