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I’m pretty bummed that the weekend is over — I guess that’s a sign that it was a good one, though! But Monday’s not looking too bad.0511150628aAnthony, Katie, and I covered seven sunny miles together. After a winter of dark and cold runs, we’re looooving this weather. So bright! And the air smells like roses and honeysuckles.0511150635We talked about a bunch of stuff on the run, one of which was how great it is to get outside in the morning. I know a lot of people need races/goals to motivate them to train and run (which is fine — do what works for you!) but I think I’m more motivated by the simple feeling of calm and accomplishment that I get after knocking out a run in the morning. It’s like training for life :) What about you? Tell me in the comments so I don’t feel lonely.0511150650Other workouts in my training plan this week: Bocce ball. It’s pretty serious stuff.2015-05-10Yesterday we headed to Coco’s with some friends to perfect our bocce skillz. After a few very intense rounds (ha!), Anthony and I were defeated! I’m blaming our loss on our inability to focus, which was due to the delicious smell of pizza and pasta drifting out of the restaurant doors. The four of us finally gave in and spontaneously settled in for dinner :)cocos_italian_market_nashville_DSC0347The pizza was thin and crispy — with lots of olive oil! Yum. We have officially declared that Coco’s is out new favorite Nashville pizza spot. Even better than Five Points :0cocos_italian_market_nashville_DSC0350How was the rest of your weekend?

  • What motivates you to run?
  • Locals: Favorite pizza place in Nashville?
  • Ever played bocce?

3 thoughts on “training for life

  1. Lately I’ve been enjoying not having a strict training schedule. Pretty soon I’ll be back in marathon training mode, so for now I’m enjoying non-running workouts and being able to run when and if I feel like it. As much as I love running, sometimes the best runs are the ones who do without any motivation or end goal; running just because is most fun.

  2. We just decided on running the Marshall University half marathon in November. We need to get more serious about our training. I love all of your pictures.