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Good morning! I hope your Thursday is off to a speedy start.0514150646Anthony and I headed to the track this morning. He usually does his own thing while I do my workout, but today we stuck together. The lineup: 7 x 1000m with a one-minute rest in between each rep. 1000m = 2.5 laps around the track.

I was shooting for the 4:05-4:10 range for each round. Here’s how I did: 4:04; 4:08; 4:02; 4:06; 4:00; 4:10; 4:03. A bit scattered, but not too bad. It was a tough one!0514150647What’s that thing on my head? A Banded2gether headband that I just received. This local company (based in Franklin) makes non-slip headbands, hair ties, and other accessories. The cool thing: they support Amazima, a charity that helps educate and empower children and adults in Uganda. Amazima was actually started by a girl from my hometown (Brentwood).

Another fun fact: I went to Uganda for a month for a work trip back in 2011. I much prefer wearing headbands to bulletproof vests. 229178_682009240905_4171237_nCaptureNeedless to say, this is one special headband :) banded 2gether headband franklin tnSticking with the local companies theme: Anthony and I headed to Shiki Sushi the other night for another seafood feast! Here we are sailing away on the fabulous wooden boat.0508151946We didn’t go as “overboard” as we did last time we were there, but we still got a ton of sushi and it was awesome. _DSC0222All these local companies doing amazing things. Keep it up, Nashville. (And Franklin. And Brentwood.)

  • Do you run in headbands? If so, what brand do you prefer?
  • Sushi, sashimi, or nigiri?
  • Have you ever traveled to Uganda or another African country?

12 thoughts on “tennessee, uganda, japan

  1. Whoa that’s cool that you went to uganda for a work trip! That is a crazy photo. I’ve never been to africa, but my grad program organizes a trip to Zambia every year for hearing healthcare

  2. I usually run in visors and caps to hold my hair back, but that headband is gorgeous!
    Avocado rolls for me!
    You kicked some track butt!!

    • I worked for a USAID contractor so we did things with the WFP/UN on occasion. Look at all of those acronyms. I miss DC.