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slow cooker lentils & a sleepy run

Happy Friday!_DSC0074Why not start the weekend off with some fun reads from around the interwebs.

So, I realized I missed sharing Wednesday’s run! It was an East Nasty group day and look who was there. After months of injury, my running buddy Rayna is back on her feet again. Yay for running buddies.0513150649aI covered five with the group plus four more solo. I must have been asleep for most of the run because this is the only photo I took and I don’t even remember taking it. Cool house, though — right? Every time I see a big old house, I’m like “I would love to live there, but hate to clean it.” Maybe I should join the Tiny House movement.0513150651Ramblings aside… other leftover photos from this week to share with you guys include this very photogenic bowl of lentils. (Aren’t slow cooker meals the ugliest yet most delicious things ever?)slow cooker lentil stew with lentil trio from costcoWe spent a ton of $$$$ on groceries the other week so I was on a mission to keep this week’s budget tight. Lentils make for a pretty cheap dinner date.slow cooker lentil stew with lentil trio from costcoI followed this recipe but pitched in a ton of celery and carrots for some added veggie power. Topped with greek yogurt and cilantro! slow cooker lentil stew with lentil trio from costcoWe served the stew atop a recent Costco find: this 90-second quinoa/brown rice blend. I think I like slow-cooker rice and quinoa better, but have to say that these little pouches are great to have on hand for convenience. seeds of change quinoa and brown rice mix from costcoThis dinner cooked for 10 hours and 90 seconds, but I only had to actively prep it for about 15 minutes. The joys of crock pot cooking.slow cooker lentil stew with lentil trio from costcoAnd that’s all I’ve got for you guys today! What are you up to this weekend? We’re hoping that the weather holds out enough for a nice long run and a backyard barbecue. See you on Sunday.

  • Cheapest meal idea?
  • Favorite Costco purchase?
  • What does your weekend agenda look like?


3 thoughts on “slow cooker lentils & a sleepy run

  1. Ryan and I like to challenge ourselves to make the cheapest healthiest meals possible…basically different combinations of rice + roasted veggies+ beans + hummus all mixed together

    My favorite “necessary” costco purchase is the giant box of oats, and my favorite “non-necessary”costco purchase is probably cocoa-dusted almonds

  2. We usually make rice the longish way (I say ish since we still use the microwave), but it’s nice to have a couple quick packets on hand for if we’re starving. Thanks for the humidity article…I’ve definitely been struggling to adjust!