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rain, run, roll (with QPoint): weekend recap

The weekend is over. We closed ours out with a walk around the neighborhood yesterday evening. During a thunderstorm.0517151655aWe didn’t make it very far before the sky fell on us and we got soaked. That was fun!

Rain was the weekend theme. On Saturday Anthony and I set out for a long run in grey skies (I felt bad for the 5k racers we ran by!)0516150636By mile 6 the rain was coming down quite steadily. Good thing I had a visor to help shield my eyes a little!0516150654We met up with Katie and Lizzie at mile 7, so having the company helped us keep going. At this point I decided to put my phone in the car to keep it dry — so, no more photos were taken until we were all finished. Good run!0516150821aWhen we got home breakfast #2 was on the menu: Eggs and sweet potato slices. I had a beverage crisis and was craving juice, tea, water, and chocolate milk all at once. YOLO._DSC0385As dedicated readers might recall, I have an issue with tingly calves after longer runs. I’ve tried stretching, icing, compression socks, and cold wraps to help them get back to normal, most of which have failed. So when QPoint Workout Recovery reached out and asked if I’d want to try their heated recovery rollers, I said sure. qpoint workoutheated recovery roller ballQPoint combines heat and pressure to help relieve pain and aches in tired muscles. The rollers come in two sizes: a smaller one for small areas like your neck and calves. The larger one is for lower back, spine, hamstrings, etc. Both are tiny and light enough to easily toss into your gym bag!qpoint workoutheated recovery roller ballTo heat up the small roller, you just toss it in the microwave for about 50 seconds. Let it cool for 10-20 seconds, and then start rolling! I found that after a few minutes mine needed re-heating. 20 seconds to re-warm it seemed to do the trick (beware: don’t overheat the roller or else it’ll get extremely hot to touch!)qpoint workoutheated recovery roller ball for calf
I rolled out my calves for about 10 minutes. I could definitely feel the pressure, but the heat made the experience pretty soothing, actually. It’s a hurts-so-good kind of thing. The good news: my calf tingles did actually fade quite a bit. I was able to take a nap later in the day and had no problem falling asleep (usually my achy calves will keep me wide awake).

I’m going to keep using the rollers and will keep you posted on how they do during even longer runs :) I’d recommend QPoint. The only not-so-great thing about the rollers I can say is that they make your microwave smell a bit like lavender/plastic for a while after you heat them up which can be kind of weird. Next time I’ll run the microwave a few times on empty to clear out the air!

Speaking of microwave: we heated up turkey burgers for lunch! I always over-make burger patties and keep plenty in the freezer for quick meals. This salad came together in minutes.turkey_burger_salad_DSC0430Last weekend highlight: a grill-out with our church group! We were actually supposed to go camping this weekend but had to cancel due to weather. At least the rain held off for a few hours outside on Saturday evening. Everyone in the group is very excited about their blog debut. #fame_DSC0423Don’t worry, I was there too. Here is my professionally edited group photo. Hollie, sorry you have three arms :)imageedit_2_5576214201And that’s a wrap! Hope you guys had a good weekend.

  • Did you get rained on over the weekend?
  • Do you roll/ice/stretch after a long run?
  • What’s your go-to freezer food?

6 thoughts on “rain, run, roll (with QPoint): weekend recap

  1. Ha!! I can totally relate to your beverage crisis. I often have a few options when I can’t make up my mind.
    We got soaked on the trials Saturday morning, but it was kind of nice and helped with the heat.
    I stretch after I run and foam roll before bed at night.
    Whenever I made soup, I make a huge pot and freeze it.

  2. I got sprinkled on for about a minute when I started my long run Saturday, but otherwise the weather held out. I got very lucky! That roller is very intriguing, I don’t foam roll very often, but I feel like having the soothing heat would encourage me to do so.

    • lucky you! hope you had a great time. and ate donuts. i am headed down in june. love that place!