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grey and grilled

Good morning to you! I haven’t been outside yet but I’m hoping the skies aren’t as grey as they were yesterday:0518150604Anthony and I kicked off the week with a longer run. We’ve both got a busy few days ahead of us so wanted to knock out the miles early!0518150613We headed to Shelby Park for a nine-mile out and back that really only felt like five miles because we were asleep for half of it. It rained on and off the entire time. Pro tip: Doggy bags make great waterproof covers for your phone.0518150605We’re three weeks away from our half marathon so Anthony has upped his running schedule to 4 days a week! Nice to have some more company on my runs.0518150615aLast note: All of the Nashville air smells like honeysuckles right now and I love it. Deep breath in :)0518150626aOther summertime smells: the grill!!!grilled_veggies_and_sausage_DSC0431We grilled a ton of veggies and some spicy sausage on Sunday and it was amazing. Jen’s grilled cauliflower recipe inspired me to try it! I even took her tip on grilling a lemon to juice over the veggies. It added a nice zest!grilled_lemon_DSC0436Dinner served. With hardly any dishes to clean after :)grilled_veggies_and_sausage_DSC0439I’m off for a short run and then have to head to the dentist! Yikes.

  • Favorite food to grill?
  • Dentist: Love it or hate it?
  • Tell me about your run today!

8 thoughts on “grey and grilled

  1. That grilling photo… amazing! Good luck at dentist- I have the worst dentist anxiety and always leave a sweat-shaped Chrissy behind on the chair for the next patient. Thoughtful, right?

  2. I drove through Shelby park on Sunday with my windows down and it smelled SO strong of honeysuckle. I loved it! Dentist= boo. I need to make an appointment myself

  3. This gray weather is for the birds. Thankfully it didn’t rain at the track this morning! We ran 800 repeats.
    I just texted my husband and said that we have to grill tonight. Your dinner looked so good!!

  4. This post just reminded me to schedule my Dentist appointment. Booked for Friday. Thanks!

    I (think) I did a fartlek workout … It was cloudy and windy here so I hopped on the treadmill and kept changing up the speed for a solid 6 miles. Kept things interesting!