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Guess what song I have stuck in my head this morning. (Answer)0520150615I met up with the East Nasty runners for the usual Wednesday morning run. I ran about 1.5 miles from my house to meet the group and then we were off! I love having a group of people to chase.0520150614Everyone was booking it today. I kept a steady pace just behind the pack around an 8:00 pace. After a few days of heat and humidity, it was nice to have clear skies and fresh air for once. I seriously don’t care about the weather from 8 am to 5 am, but for those few morning hours I am obsessed with it.0520150618After the group split up I headed home. Pretty uneventful run in a good way.0520150646aAnd a surprisingly uneventful dinner last night! This meal looks eventful but was actually super easy to throw together.cook smarts panko salmon and apple orange saladI’ve read about CookSmarts on Kath’s blog and have been wanting to try it for a while. It’s a weekly meal planning service that takes a lot of time and stress out of making your grocery list for the week. I generally do a pretty good job of lining up our menu for the week, but I’m curious to see whether having CookSmarts will help us save money, waste less, and be a little more efficient in the kitchen. Sometimes I feel like the meals I pick for the week don’t do the best job of re-purposing and stretching our ingredients, so a lot of little things like herbs and sides go to waste. You know?

So I signed up for a free CookSmarts trial and tested out a few meals this week! So far they’ve all been quick, easy, and healthy. Win. Last night was maple dijon salmon (this recipe is actually free) and an orange, apple, pecan, and baby spinach salad. Yum.cook smarts panko salmon and apple orange saladAnthony and I both really liked this meal and are excited to have leftovers for lunch today! I think we’re going to sign up for three months of CookSmarts and go all in. Let’s see what happens. Does anyone else get freakishly excited about meal planning or am I just weird.cook smarts panko salmon and apple orange saladThe end.

  • What’s your meal planning process?
  • Random question: Do you think panko crumbs are better than regular breadcrumbs? I can’t seem to really tell the difference.
  • Tell me about your run today!

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  1. Ran this morning in D.C. Six gorgeous miles in perfect conditions; slight breeze and practically no humidity at 630 AM in the city. If only every run was like today.