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0523151442Hello from the lake! We’re about 1.5 hours outside of Nashville and working really hard.0523151525bAnthony and I drove down to my parents’ lake house on Friday night. My mom had an awesome dinner lined up for us! Fresh Gulf shimp and a big ole salad._DSC0002_DSC0008We ate around 7:45 — right as the sun was setting over the lake. And that’s when vacation mode seriously set in._DSC0011Saturday we were up bright and early for a run! It gets stinking humid in Winchester, so Anthony and I have learned over the years that you gotta get your runs in early. We were out running by 6:15 am. And yes, I’m still loving my diva-yet-sporty sunglasses. 0523150825aWe’re apparently the only early birds in town — we didn’t see a single soul on the trail for the first 90 minutes of our run! Lots of deer, chipmunks, and foxes though. 0523150825bWe did the same out-and-back route twice. Kind of boring but also very convenient because you can stash things in your car to snack on at the halfway point. I forgot to pack Huma gels for the trip, but my mom had some prunes in her pantry that did the trick!0523150740Best part of Tim’s Ford State park: this rickety old red bridge. I always run fast over it because I’m afraid it’s going to fall apart at any moment. 0523150747fMy Garmin doesn’t work out here in the deep South, so we just ran for time! Two hours and five minutes = I’m guessing that was about 15 miles.0523150850aGood run! After we finished we took power naps and then hopped on the boat. Anthony even spent some time behind the wheel.0523151440bIt’s looking like another gorgeous day out there, so we’re about to put on our swimsuits and get back out there for another ride. Have a great Memorial Day!0523150747h

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